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Recipes using parsley in the ingredients.

Cauliflower Couscous Recipe

Recipe for Cauliflower Couscous. This is a great substitute for rice for people who don't like rice and is quick and easy to make. Serves 4.

Leek, Mushroom and Lemon Risotto Recipe

Recipe for Leek, Mushroom and Lemon Risotto. A delicious vegetarian risotto that is full of flavour and has a zingy, zesty taste. Serves 4.

Mushroom and Egg Savoury Recipe

Recipe for Mushroom and Egg Savoury. A vegetarian main course meal that serves 4 when accompanied with fried potatoes.

Carrot, Parsnip and Cashew Nut Roast Recipe

Recipe for Carrot, Parsnip and Cashew Nut Roast. The ingredients are enough for 6 hearty portions or half can be frozen uncooked for another day.

Herby Dumpling Turkey Pot Pie Recipe

Recipe for Herby Dumpling Turkey Pot Pie. Delicious anytime but perfect on a cold winter's night. A great way to use up leftover turkey after Christmas.

Chestnut Casserole Recipe with Cheese Dumplings

Recipe for Chestnut Casserole with Cheese Dumplings. Serves 2. A warm and filling vegetarian meal ideal for autumn nights that start to chill

Broad Bean and Courgette Pilaf Recipe

Recipe for Broad Bean and Courgette Pilaf. Takes about ½ an hour to prepare, 30 mins to 1 hour to cook Serve in bowls topped with griddled courgette.

Basil and Courgette Pasta Bake Recipe

Recipe for Basil and Courgette Pasta Bake. Easy to make, takes about 10 minutes to prepare and less than 40 minutes in total to cook. Serves 4 to 6.

Stuffed Tomatoes Recipe

Recipe for Stuffed Tomatoes. To spice up a little more add 2 drops of hot pepper sauce. Works well with herb coated potatoes and garlic mushrooms.

Parsley and Onion Scones Recipe

Recipe for Parsley and Onion Scones. A lovely savoury scone. Serve warm with butter. Makes approximately 12 scones. Great with soup to make a light meal

Tomato and Courgette Glut Soup Recipe

Recipe for Tomato and Courgette Glut Soup. Seasoning is very important. Don't skimp on it or you will have a very bland soup. Taste as you go along.

Penne with Courgette Cream Recipe

Recipe for Penne with Courgette Cream. Can be served as an appetiser or as a main course. Any left over can be refrigerated and simply reheated.

Cheese and Potato Pie Recipe

Recipe for Cheese and Potato Pie. Serves 4 -6 depends how hungry you are. Nice hot or cold with a salad. Can use shortcrust or cheese pastry.

Gardeners’ Chicken Recipe

Recipe for Gardeners' Chicken. Green salad contrasts well with this dish and if you feel extra hungry, serve with ciabatta bread (or similar).

Caraway Seeds Potatoes Recipe

Recipe for Caraway Seeds Potatoes. A lovely vegetarian filling dish, best served with a green salad. Enough, perhaps more than enough, for 2 people.

Potato Kugel Recipe

Recipe for Potato Kugel - A delicious baked potato dish that is very easy to make. Makes a filling vegetarian supper dish for 4 or a main course.

Borlotti Bean Soup Recipe

Recipe for Borlotti Bean Soup. Makes enough soup for 8 people. As this freezes well, you can batch cook. Great recipe for a pressure cooker as well

Salmon Coulibiac (Russian Fish Pie) Recipe

Recipe for Salmon Coulibiac (Russian Fish Pie). Serves 4. Can be served either warm or cold but we think it works best as a warm main meal

Vegetable Lasagne Recipe

This Vegetable Lasagne Recipe is as easy to make if not easier than a meat lasagne dish. Suitable for vegetarians but will appeal even to the carnivores.

Leeks with Camembert Cheese Recipe

Recipe for Leeks with Camembert Cheese. Serves 4. A tasty side dish or as part of a main course.

Savoury Topped Cod Recipe

Recipe for Savoury Topped Cod. Can also be used with haddock. The savoury topping keeps the dish moist The combination of vegetables and cheese works well.

Sweetcorn & Ham Pie Recipe

Recipe for Sweetcorn and Ham Pie. Serves 4. Can be eaten hot or cold. Easy to make by following this clear recipe you will love sweetcorn and ham pie

Turnip or Swede “Skirlie-Mirlie” Recipe Mashed Tatties & Neaps

Recipe for Turnip or Swede "Skirlie-Mirlie". Serves 4 people with a taste of Scotland - mashed neaps and tatties. We'd make this as a side dish ourselves.

Creamy Tagliatelle with Herbs Recipe

Recipe for Creamy Tagliatelle with Herbs. Nice served with freshly grated Parmesan cheese and a mixed salad. Enough for 4 portions.

Broad Beans with Bacon & Parsley Recipe

Recipe for Broad Beans with Bacon and Parsley. A late springtime side dish that is easy to prepare and uses fresh ingredients. 4 good helpings.

Creamy Spinach & Ham Bake Recipe

Serve with salad and crusty bread. This easy to make Creamy Spinach & Ham Bake Recipe makes enough for 4 people.

Avocado Soup Recipe

A very easy recipe for Avocado Soup. A wonderful summer soup served chilled. No cooking whatsoever involved. Makes enough for 4 people.

Chicken Stuffed Peppers Recipe

Recipe for Chicken Stuffed Peppers. Serves 4 Serve piping hot with a mixed salad and possibly potato salad or new potatoes or baked potato. Or a rice salad.

Sweetcorn and Potato Soup Recipe

Easy to make recipe for Sweetcorn and Potato Soup that serves 4 - 6. A very filling soup but surprisingly delicate flavour with the sweetcorn

Tomato Soup Recipe

Recipe for Tomato Soup. Serves 4 - If the colour is a bit on the pale side, add some tomato puree. Serve with a dash of Worcestershire sauce

Cream of Asparagus Soup Recipe

This quite straightforward to make Cream of Asparagus Soup Recipe serves 4 portions of absolutely delicious soup.

Garlic & Herb French Bread Sticks Recipe

Recipe for Garlic & Herb French Bread Sticks. Can either be eaten immediately or left to cool on a wire rack. Makes 2 sticks.

Wholemeal Herb and Onion Bread Recipe

Recipe for Wholemeal Herb and Onion Bread. Takes a healthy wholemeal loaf and adds herb flavours. Great bread for accompanying soups or with salad dishes

Baked Stuffed Lettuce Recipe

This Baked Stuffed Lettuce Recipe serves 4 as a starter. Best served warm as a light supper dish or as a follow on to soup for a more substantial meal

Peas with Brown Rice and Tomatoes Recipe

This Peas with Brown Rice and Tomatoes Recipe serves 4 and makes a filling, healthy meal on its own. Can be adapted easily to make a vegetarian dish

Mediterranean Broccoli Recipe

Recipe for Mediterranean Broccoli. Another way to get your greens! This can be suitable for vegetarians if vegetable stock is used instead of chicken stock.

Cock-a-Leeky Soup Recipe

Recipe for Cock-a-Leeky Soup. For or a richer soup, add 4 oz (112 g) of stoned prunes at the beginning. Enough for at least 4 good helpings.

Baked Stuffed Aubergines Recipe

Recipe for Baked Stuffed Aubergines. An alternative to stuffed peppers for your vegetarian guests. Nice sprinkled with some parmesan cheese.

Vegetable Flan Recipe

Recipe for Vegetable Flan. Serves at least 4. Nice hot or cold. This recipe uses fleur pastry and links to instructions on making fleur and other pastry

Tomato Pie Recipe

Recipe for Tomato Pie. This tomato pie really depends on the tomatoes. Best made with full sized, strongly flavoured tomatoes rather than cherry types.

Egg and Bacon Flan Recipe

A simple and easy recipe for the classic Egg and Bacon Flan. Can be eaten hot or cold. A picnic favourite or hot with new potatoes and a salad - enjoy!

Vegetarian “Paella” Recipe

Recipe for Vegetarian "Paella". Garnish the top of the "paella" with a few black olives or some fried mushrooms along with some thin strips of red pepper.

Sautéed Potatoes in Tomato Sauce Recipe

Recipe for Sautéed Potatoes in Tomato Sauce. You can also add some diced sweet peppers into the sauce and/or spice it up with chillies. Serves 4.

Green Beans with Herbs and Cheese Recipe

Recipe for Green Beans with Herbs and Cheese. A tasty side dish or part of a main course meal. Serves 4. Try an alternate hard cheese in place of parmesan.

Vegetable Platter Recipe

Recipe for Vegetable Platter. Serve immediately with crusty bread to mob up the sauce. Serves 4.

Belgian Stew Recipe

Recipe for Belgian Stew. Serves 4. A very filling main course meal.

Savoury Stuffed Onions Recipe

Recipe for Savoury Stuffed Onions. Serve with tomato sauce or brown gravy. An old recipe but still a firm favourite and purported to ward of colds as well!

Pumpkin Soup with Crispy Bacon Recipe

Recipe for Pumpkin Soup with Crispy Bacon. Serve with the bacon and parsley scattered over the top. Use some of your home grown pumpkin in this soup.

Marrow and Parsley Cream Crumble Recipe

Recipe for Marrow and Parsley Cream Crumble. Another great recipe for Marrows from 'Grandma Dumplin'. An unusual savoury crumble.

Greek Herb Salad Recipe

Recipe for Greek Herb Salad. A great starter or side dish which will serve 4 people 'Granny Dumplin' had a career as an award winning chef.

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