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Main Course Dishes that are baked uncovered in the oven. Your shepherd and cottage pies, lasagnes, moussakas etc.

Sweet Corn Spoon Bread Recipe

Recipe for Sweet Corn Spoon Bread. Enough for 4 people. Serve immediately whilst still hot, straight from the dish.

Macaroni and Aubergine Layer Recipe

Recipe for Macaroni and Aubergine Layer. Enough for 4. Serve hot garnished with parsley and accompany with a side salad.

Savoury Courgette Bake

Recipe for Savoury Courgette Bake. A tasty savoury bake that serves 4. Garnish with tomato wedges and parsley sprigs.

Broccoli (Calabrese) and Rice Souffle Recipe

Recipe for Broccoli (Calabrese) and Rice Souffle. Serve immediately in the 4 individual soufflé dishes accompanied by a mixed salad.

Turkish Stuffed Aubergine Recipe – Imam Bayildi (The priest fainted)

Recipe for Turkish Stuffed Aubergine - Imam Bayildi (The priest fainted). Serve warm or at room temperature with flatbread and yoghurt dip.

Gardeners’ Chicken Recipe

Recipe for Gardeners' Chicken. Green salad contrasts well with this dish and if you feel extra hungry, serve with ciabatta bread (or similar).

Aubergine and Tomato Pie Recipe

Recipe for Aubergine and Tomato Pie. Serves 4. A satisfying dish as the centre of a vegetarian meal or with lamb

Cheese and Chilli Pepper Soufflé Recipe

Recipe for Cheese and Chilli Pepper Soufflé. Serves 3-4. If you haven't got any chilli peppers, add a few drops of Tabasco sauce.

Vegetarian Bubble and Squeak Recipe

Recipe for Vegetarian Bubble and Squeak. You really need the the cabbage, potatoes and onion but a different vegetable than carrots can be used. Serves 4.

Courgette Soufflé Recipe

Recipe for Courgette Soufflé. An impressive luncheon or light dinner recipe that serves 4. Goes well with a salad or green beans.

Lamb with Broad Beans and Lemon Sauce Recipe

Recipe for Lamb with Broad Beans and Lemon Sauce. A main course meal on its own that serves at least 4.

Mushroom Roast Recipe

Recipe for Mushroom Roast. Serve in slices with new potatoes and other veg of choice. Some home-made tomato sauce goes well instead of a "gravy".

Cabbage and Bacon Bake Recipe

Recipe for Cabbage and Bacon Bake. More of a side dish than a main course. Would go well with french bean and some spuds!

Cheese and Potato Casserole Recipe

Recipe for Cheese and Potato Casserole. A nice garnish is some finely chopped chives over the top when cooked. Goes well with some steamed green beans.

Tagliatelle with Aubergines and Tomatoes Recipe

Recipe for Tagliatelle with Aubergines and Tomatoes. If you like olives, you can add them to the vegetable mix at the end before it goes over the pasta.

Baked Penne with Courgettes and Tomatoes Recipe

Recipe for Baked Penne with Courgettes and Tomatoes. Serves 4. A filling main course meal on its own. Nice served with a green side salad.

Potato and Tomato Pancake Recipe

Recipe for Potato and Tomato Pancake. Serves 4. A sprinkling of oregano over the tomatoes goes well. And, for non-veggies, diced streaky bacon can be used

Savoury Spinach Pie Recipe

Recipe for Savoury Spinach Pie. A filling main course dish that serves 4. Another way to get your greens.

Egg and Vegetable Pie Recipe

Recipe for Egg and Vegetable Pie. A really tasty, quick and healthy dinner with a goodly portion of spinach. Serves 4.

Vegetable and Egg Casserole Recipe

Recipe for Vegetable and Egg Casserole. Use up some bits and bobs of cooked vegetables in this filling casserole dish. Serves 4.

Baked Aubergine and Tomato Recipe

Recipe for Baked Aubergine and Tomato. Serves 4 as a main course. A sprinkling of breadcrumbs over the top before baking goes well.

Vegetarian Cottage Pie Recipe

Recipe for Vegetarian Cottage Pie. Put in a medium oven and cook for about 30 minutes until golden on the top. Serves 4.

Courgette, Tomato and Potato Pie Recipe

Recipe for Courgette, Tomato and Potato Pie. Serves 4 as a main dish. Freezes well - cook it fully and then re-heat in a microwave or covered in the oven.

Vegetable Layer Casserole Recipe

Recipe for Vegetable Layer Casserole. A tasty recipe using your home grown vegetables. Serves 4.

Moussaka Recipe

Recipe for Moussaka. A Greek classic which can be made with courgettes as well as the usual aubergine.

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