Recipes Section - Damsons

Recipes using damsons in the ingredients.

Damson Gin or Brandy Recipe

Recipe for Damson Gin. Decant the spirit for a winter warmer. Use the rich alcoholic damsons as a pudding and don't drive afterwards!

Damson Jars or Damson Pots Recipe

Recipe for Damson Jars or Damson Pots. This makes a lovely gift for the elderly who like a no effort pudding on tap, and the brandy is hardly noticeable.

Damson Gin Recipe

Recipe for Damson Gin. When fruit has been used, de-stone and dry on a low heat for a few hours in the oven. Can be used for fruit cakes or x-mas pudding

Mixed Fruit Chutney Recipe

Recipe for Mixed Fruit Chutney. The beauty of any chutney is that no two batches are the same as you vary the proportions of the different fruits in the mix

Damson Cheese Recipe

Recipe for Damson Cheese. Can be turned out in one piece and cut with a knife in place of cheese or, cut into small pieces, as a sweetmeat.

Damson Pickle Recipe

Recipe for Damson Pickle. Traditionally this is made with whole damsons but we prefer it with halved and stoned damsons. Makes around 5 lb (2.3 kg).

Damson Jam Recipe

Recipe for Damson Jam. Easy to make as damsons have loads of pectin and enough acid for a good set. Makes around 6lbs (2.7 kgs) of jam.

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