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Recipes using swedes as the main ingredient. There is also information on growing swedes and help on brassicas on the site

Turnip or Swede “Skirlie-Mirlie” Recipe Mashed Tatties & Neaps

Recipe for Turnip or Swede "Skirlie-Mirlie". Serves 4 people with a taste of Scotland - mashed neaps and tatties. We'd make this as a side dish ourselves.

Minestrone (Italian Vegetable Soup) Recipe

Recipe for Minestrone (Italian Vegetable) Soup. Sufficient for 4 to 5 servings. A truly delicious soup. Double up on the quantities and freeze.

Swede on a Stick Recipe

Recipe for Swede on a Stick. A most unusual recipe for the vegetable that usually gets the boring award! The orange and herbs mix really lifts the dish.

Swede baked with Cheshire Cheese Recipe

Recipe for Swede baked with Cheshire Cheese. Transform a common vegetable into a special gourmet dish. Absolutely delicious.

Savoury Swede Pudding Recipe

Recipe for Savoury Swede Pudding. Puddings have been a staple of English cuisine for centuries. It's only recently that the term has come to mean sweet.

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