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Advertising Opportunities

General Advertising

We can offer a number of advertising opportunities based on who you are interested in delivering your message to and what you are trying to achieve. Perhaps you want to just generate brand awareness or perhaps you’re looking to specifically promote a product and create immediate direct sales.

Whatever your needs, I will give you honest and impartial advice on the best methods available and how to gain the most cost-effective response for your campaign.

Overall we have more visitors in a day than the monthly circulation of many print magazines but unlike print media we can target potential consumers who are likely to be interested in your product.

This targeting makes on-line advertising, properly done, much more cost effective to advertisers and stops the nuisance of interruptive advertising, replacing it with beneficial experience for our visitors

Example Advert

As an example, should you wish to advertise a greenhouse the options most useful would be:

  • In the specific section on greenhouses – on page advert
  • In the Allotment Shop section for greenhouses – on page advert
  • Product reviews – a page specific to the product
  • In the forums in Growing in Greenhouses & Polytunnels and potentially in Grow Your Own, General Gardening and Show Bench sections

Affiliate / Sponsors

We are always interested in acquiring new affiliate merchants and sponsors but will only accept affiliate merchants /sponsors who we feel offer good value and service to our visitors.

In the first instance please contact John Harrison:

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