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My favourite fruit jelly recipes.

Sweet Pepper Jelly Recipe

Recipe for Sweet Pepper Jelly. An unusual jelly that is great with cold meats, especially lamb and chicken. Also goes well with prawns and cream cheese.

Apple & Rosemary Jelly Recipe

Recipe for Apple & Rosemary Jelly. Makes about 3 lbs (1.4 kg) of Apple & Rosemary Jelly. A few drops of green food colouring can be added during cooking.

Cranberry Jelly Recipe

Recipe for Cranberry Jelly. The traditional accompaniment to the Christmas Turkey. This standard recipe can be enhanced with the addition of a little brandy

Redcurrant Jelly Recipe

Recipe for Redcurrant Jelly. A traditional accompaniment to Lamb. Currants are high in pectin so there shouldn't be a setting problem.

Raspberry Jelly Recipe

Recipe for Raspberry Jelly. The beauty of this is that you can enjoy all the flavour of raspberry jam without the little pips getting stuck in your teeth!

Mint Jelly Recipe

Recipe for Mint Jelly. This makes a different accompaniment for lamb from the traditional mint sauce. It's really nice on new potatoes as well.

Gooseberry Jelly Recipe

Recipe for Gooseberry Jelly. Another way to use up a seasonal glut of gooseberries in this tasty, easy to make homemade preserve.

Blackcurrant Jelly Recipe

Recipe for Blackcurrant Jelly. An easy recipe which gives great results! Blackcurrants are loaded with pectin so there shouldn’t be a setting problem.

Blackberry Jelly Recipe

Recipe for Blackberry Jelly. Can be tricky as Blackberries have only medium pectin and acid content at best and the late ones are decidedly lacking in both.

Apple Jelly Recipe

Recipe for Apple Jelly. Apple Jelly is a bit bland on its own so additional flavouring is added. Apple carries flavour really well.

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