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Everyday breads, savoury breads,, scones, muffins, oatcakes etc. including the famous Staffordshire oatcake

Parsley and Onion Scones Recipe

Recipe for Parsley and Onion Scones. A lovely savoury scone. Serve warm with butter. Makes approximately 12 scones. Great with soup to make a light meal

Naan Bread Recipe – Low Fat Naan Bread Recipe

Recipe for Naan Bread. This is the lowest fat version of naan bread I have made (note there is no ghee or melted butter).

Basic Focaccia Bread Recipe

Recipe for Basic Focaccia Bread. If you wish to put fillings in, put with the flour, salt and yeast. The added bits will just disappear as the bread rises.

Italian Red Onion Bread Ring Recipe

Recipe for Italian Red Onion Bread Ring. Interestingly flavoured bread to accompany a salad, soup or just a glass or two of chilled wine on a summer's day.

Dinner Bread Rolls Recipe

This Dinner Bread Rolls Recipe makes 18 rolls. You can use strong bread flour or wholemeal flour for a healthier option.

Bread Rolls Recipe

Recipe for Bread Rolls. Makes 18 rolls. An "healthier" version can be made by omitting the melted butter at the end!

Wholemeal Bread Recipe

Recipe for Wholemeal Bread. Makes 4 2lb (900 g) loaves. Alternately divide into 8 and make 8 1lb (450 g) loaves.

Brown Bread Recipe

Recipe for Brown Bread. Makes 4 2lb (900 g) loaves. Alternately divide into 8 and make 8 1lb (450 g) loaves.

Household White Bread Recipe

Recipe for Household White Bread. Makes 4 2lb (900 g) loaves. Alternately divide into 8 and make 8 1lb (450 g) loaves.

Pizza Dough Recipe

Recipe for Pizza Dough. Makes 1 large pizza or, if smaller pizzas are wanted, break the dough into small lumps, roll into balls and leave to rise separately

Pitta Bread Recipe

Recipe for Pitta Bread. If the oven and baking sheets are not extremely hot, the pittas won't puff up as they should. Makes 6 pittas.

Granary Bread Sticks Recipe

Recipe for Granary Bread Sticks. Makes two granary sticks. Can also be made into two small granary cobs by shaping the dough into two rounds.

Savoury Cottage Loaf with Cheese & Bacon Recipe

Recipe for Savoury Cottage Loaf - includes cheese and grilled bacon. An unusual bread recipe that results in a meal.

Garlic & Herb French Bread Sticks Recipe

Recipe for Garlic & Herb French Bread Sticks. Can either be eaten immediately or left to cool on a wire rack. Makes 2 sticks.

Wholemeal Herb and Onion Bread Recipe

Recipe for Wholemeal Herb and Onion Bread. Takes a healthy wholemeal loaf and adds herb flavours. Great bread for accompanying soups or with salad dishes

Truita de Farina (Flour Omelette or Catalan Chapati) Recipe

Recipe for Truita de Farina (Flour Omelette or Catalan Chapati). This Catalan recipe is actually served as a first course and best followed by a salad.

Recipe for North Staffordshire Oatcake

This is the regional dish of North Staffordshire, food of the Gods. The recipe used to be a closely guarded secret but now they can be enjoyed by all.

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