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Recipes using broad beans as a main ingredient

Broad Beans with Garlic & Lemon Recipe

Recipe for Broad Beans with Garlic & Lemon. Makes a tasty accompaniment to barbecued meats and makes enough for three generous servings or four smaller ones

Broad Bean and Radish Salad with Tahini Dressing Recipe

Recipe for Broad Bean and Radish Salad with Tahini Dressing. The Tahini dressing will keep for 1 week in the fridge.

Chestnut Casserole Recipe with Cheese Dumplings

Recipe for Chestnut Casserole with Cheese Dumplings. Serves 2. A warm and filling vegetarian meal ideal for autumn nights that start to chill

Broad Bean and Courgette Pilaf Recipe

Recipe for Broad Bean and Courgette Pilaf. Takes about ½ an hour to prepare, 30 mins to 1 hour to cook Serve in bowls topped with griddled courgette.

Warm Broad Bean and Feta Salad Recipe

Recipe for Warm Broad Bean and Feta Salad. A lovely summer evening salad. Serve with chopped dill. Enough for 4 to 6 people dependent on appetite.

Masfouf – Couscous with Broad Beans and Peas Recipe

Recipe for Masfouf - Couscous with Broad Beans and Peas. Serve hot in a shallow dish or plate with a glass of Raib to accompany the meal.

Country Vegetable Flan Recipe

Recipe for Country Vegetable Flan which serves 4. Easy to make, this vegetarian flan can be eaten hot or cold. Great for a picnic

Broad Beans with Bacon & Parsley Recipe

Recipe for Broad Beans with Bacon and Parsley. A late springtime side dish that is easy to prepare and uses fresh ingredients. 4 good helpings.

Cajun Broad Beans Recipe

Recipe for Cajun Broad Beans. Spicy broad beans that are lovely with crumbled bacon scattered over the top of the dish. A taste of French Louisiana!

Lamb with Broad Beans and Lemon Sauce Recipe

Recipe for Lamb with Broad Beans and Lemon Sauce. A main course meal on its own that serves at least 4.

Indian Style Vegetable Casserole

Recipe for Indian Style Vegetable Casserole. Serves 4. Peas can be used instead of broad beans.

Globe Artichokes with Broad Beans Recipe

Recipe for Globe Artichokes with Broad Beans. A delicious main course vegetarian meal. Serves 4. Preparing the artichokes is fiddly but worth it.

Cabbage and Broad Bean Risotto Recipe

Recipe for Cabbage and Broad Bean Risotto. Sweet and tender new season broad beans combined with spring cabbage make this a fresh and tasty risotto.

Cheese and Vegetable Yorkshire Pudding Recipe

Recipe for Cheese and Vegetable Yorkshire Pudding. A delicious side dish that goes well with Baked Tomatoes. Serves 4.

Egg and Vegetable Pie Recipe

Recipe for Egg and Vegetable Pie. A really tasty, quick and healthy dinner with a goodly portion of spinach. Serves 4.

Vegetable and Egg Casserole Recipe

Recipe for Vegetable and Egg Casserole. Use up some bits and bobs of cooked vegetables in this filling casserole dish. Serves 4.

Broad Bean and Bacon Casserole Recipe

Recipe for Broad Bean and Bacon Casserole. Lovely with your own broad beans straight from the plot. You can also put some new potatoes in it.

Stir Fried Vegetables Recipe

Recipe for Stir Fried Vegetables. A selection of vegetables can be chosen in proportions to how many are eating. Serve with rice or boiled or fried noodles.

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