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Slow Cooker Chocolate Lava Pudding

Slow Cooker Chocolate Lava Pudding

Recipe for Slow Cooker Chocolate Lave Pudding. Easy, delicious and terribly indulgent!

Rhubarb Ripple Semi-Freddo Recipe

Recipe for Rhubarb Ripple semi-freddo. A frozen dessert made with rhubarb and double or whipped cream.

Vanilla Ice-cream Recipe

Recipe for Vanilla Ice-Cream. When you are ready to eat the ice-cream just take out of the freezer and leave for a couple of minutes to soften.

Easy Strawberry Ice Cream Recipe

Recipe for Easy Strawberry Ice Cream. To serve, take the container out of the freezer about half an hour before serving so it softens a little.

Grandma’s Wartime Christmas Pudding Recipe

Recipe for Grandma's Wartime Christmas Pudding. Make in advance and keep stored in a cool, dry place. Heat through on Christmas Day in a microwave.

Cousin Mary’s Chocolate Trifle Recipe

Recipe for Cousin Mary's Chocolate Trifle. An easy to make trifle for anyone that does not like traditional trifles. Can be adapted for children's tastes

Christmas Pudding Ice Cream Recipe

Recipe for Christmas Pudding Ice Cream. A lighter alternative for the Christmas lunch or Boxing day tea. Ice cream is easy to make all you need is a freezer

Traditional Bread Pudding Recipe

Recipe for an easy to make, traditional Bread Pudding. Makes 9 squares so should serve 9! Serve on its own or with custard or cream/ice cream.

Apple Snow Recipe

Recipe for Apple Snow - An easy to make dessert. This recipe can also be made using rhubarb, gooseberries or pears. Note warning: uses raw egg whites

Instant Rhubarb Fool (without the custard) Recipe

Recipe for Instant Rhubarb Fool (without the custard). Set in the fridge for half an hour and decorate with more fruit as desired before serving.

Rhubarb and Custard Ice Cream Recipe

Recipe for Rhubarb and Custard Ice Cream. Remember those lovely childhood sweets? This ice cream uses the combination in a new guise.

Damson Jars or Damson Pots Recipe

Recipe for Damson Jars or Damson Pots. This makes a lovely gift for the elderly who like a no effort pudding on tap, and the brandy is hardly noticeable.

Rhubarb Roll Recipe

Recipe for Rhubarb Roll. The milk and jam makes a lovely fruity sauce, serve warm with cream or custard. Does not freeze.

Rhubarb Snow Recipe

Recipe for Rhubarb Snow. This dessert recipe is the perfect recipe for the springtime season of rhubarb when it is nice and tender. Serves 4 to 5.

Apple and Blackberry Slump Recipe

Recipe for Apple and Blackberry Slump. Despite the fact this has got ½ lb of mascarpone in it, a jug of custard really is a must, or cream or icecream!

Melba Summer Pudding Recipe

Recipe for Melba Summer Pudding. Make the best of summer fruit. Can be served with Low Fat Creme Frais, or with cream, it's your choice! Enough for 4 people

Italian Bread Pudding Recipe

Recipe for Italian Bread Pudding a twist on the British. This is really easy to make. Serve warm with cream. For a skinny option you can use creme fraiche.

Mulled Pears Recipe

Recipe for Mulled Pears. An impromptu dessert that would work really well as a trifle base. As an added bonus you get to drink the Mulled Wine too.

Grape Pudding Recipe

Recipe for Grape Pudding. A delicious desert that works well with most soft fruits. Enough for 4 to 6 people and lovely served with custard.

Rhubarb Mousse Recipe

Recipe for Rhubarb Mousse. A very easy to make sweet-tart creamy dessert that is eaten chilled.

Cranachan Recipe – Scottish Whisky Laced Raspberry Dessert

Recipe for Cranachan. A traditional Scottish Whisky Laced Raspberry Dessert that is absolutely delicious! Very rich so a little goes a long way.

Rhubarb Crumble Recipe

Traditional standard recipe for Rhubarb Crumble. Serve with custard, cream or ice-cream. Enough for 4 people.

Lemon Meringue Pie Recipe

Recipe for Lemon Meringue. Serves 4. Can be eaten hot or cold. There are loads of lemon meringue pie recipes on the net but this is the only one for us

Fruit Roll Recipe – Soft Fruit Swiss Roll Dessert

Recipe for Fruit Roll dessert. Like a Swiss roll but using a plain sponge and soft fruit with a fruit sauce. Delightful with a dollop of whipped cream.

Pumpkin Pie Recipe

An easy recipe for Pumpkin Pie using fleur pastry which is fully explained in the linked pastry article. Lovely warm or cold with some whipping cream.

Fruit Pie Recipe

Recipe for Fruit Pie. Any fresh, bottled or tinned fruit may be used. Makes a lovely dessert. Serve with whipped cream or custard.

Flan of Fruit Pastry Recipe

Recipe for Flan of Fruit Pastry. Nice if decorated with glace fruit or nuts and served with whipped cream! Serves 4.

Pumpkin Pancakes Recipe

Recipe for Pumpkin Pancakes. The Americans seem to make better use of pumpkins than we do and this is an interesting way to make a sweet dish.

Stilton Mousse with Port Jelly Recipe

Recipe for Stilton Mousse with Port Jelly. Nothing to do with vegetables, but my personal Christmas favourite! Veggies can substitute agar-agar for gelatine

Avocado Mousse Recipe

Recipe for Avocado Mousse. A party treat, great on the buffet table with bread sticks, tortilla chips and fancy crisps.

Gooseberry Cheesecake Recipe

Recipe for Gooseberry Cheesecake. Cheesecake has to be one of the best inventions since the cream cake! The tartness of the gooseberries tamed by the cheese

Pumpkin Cheesecake Recipe

Recipe for Pumpkin Cheesecake. If you like cheesecake (and who doesn't?) then you'll love this dish with the distinctive pumpkin flavour

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