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Recipes using cucumber as the main ingredient

Pickled Gherkins with Dill Recipe

Recipe for Pickled Gherkins with Dill. Serve with ham and other boiled meats. Makes about 3 lbs (1.4 kg).

Bread and Butter Pickles Recipe

Recipe for Bread and Butter Pickles. The perfect accompaniment to your sandwiches and cold meats. Also a way to use up some of the glut of cucumbers!

Cucumber Pickle Recipe

With cucumbers, it seems that you go from none to that many you don't know what to do with them! This recipe will make about 4 lbs of cucumber pickle.

Sweet Green Pickle Recipe

Recipe for Sweet Green Pickle. Makes about 5.5kg (12lb) and the vegetables can vary with the seasons so a good way to use up gluts and surplus

Sweet Cucumber Fridge Pickle Recipe

Recipe for Sweet Cucumber Fridge Pickle. If you have an over productive cucumber patch try this - will keep for 2 weeks if you can leave it alone!

Summer Pasta Salad Recipe

Recipe for Summer Pasta Salad. This is very easy to prepare, delicious to eat, and always impresses people, perfect for barbecues, picnics, summer dining.

Tandoori Chicken with Radish Salad Recipe

Recipe for Tandoori Chicken with Radish Salad. Plain chapattis make a good accompaniment and are also fat free. A low fat and healthy meal

Pickled Cucumber Recipe

Recipe for Pickled Cucumber. Best if left for 4 weeks before using.

Gazpacho Soup Recipe

Recipe for Gazpacho Soup, the famous soup of Southern Spain. Serves 4 - No cooking at all. Perfect served al fresco on a hot summer's day.

Vegetarian “Paella” Recipe

Recipe for Vegetarian "Paella". Garnish the top of the "paella" with a few black olives or some fried mushrooms along with some thin strips of red pepper.

Mustard Sauce Recipe

Recipe for Mustard Sauce. Lovely with steak, roast beef and ham. Makes about 1½ pints (900 ml) of Mustard Sauce.

Cucumber and Green Tomato Relish Recipe

Recipe for Cucumber and Green Tomato Relish. Makes 3 -4 lbs (1.4 kg - 1.8 kg) of relish. Another way to use up some of those green tomatoes!

Chilli Pepper Relish Recipe

Recipe for Chilli Pepper Relish. A relish with attitude! You can vary the hotness by altering the amount and type of chillies.

Mixed Pickle Recipe

Recipe for Mixed Pickle. For an extra kick, add 1 dried chilli pepper to each jar A good standard pickle that goes well with a traditional ploughman's lunch

Tangy Piccalilli Recipe

Recipe for Tangy Piccalilli A variation on standard piccalilli The only constant with piccalilli is the turmeric which gives the distinctive yellow colour.

Stuffed Cucumbers Recipe

Recipe for Stuffed Cucumbers. A simple and economical way to use up some of the glut of cucumbers. Can be either a starter or part of a main course meal.

Hot Cucumber Soup Recipe

Recipe for Hot Cucumber Soup. If you have a glut of cucumbers, this soup freezes well so you can store the summer glut in this way

Cream of Cucumber Soup Recipe

Recipe for Cream of Cucumber Soup. Bored with trying to come up with uses for all your home grown cucumbers now the salad seasons over? This soup will help.

Buttered Cucumber with Dill Recipe

Recipe for Buttered Cucumber with Dill. This dish takes only 10 minutes and makes a light side dish. Another way to serve up a glut of cucumbers.

Cucumber Mayonnaise Recipe

Recipe for Cucumber Mayonnaise. Another cucumber recipe from Granny Dumplin for a cold sauce for white fish that could not be easier to make.

Cucumber and Pepper Relish Recipe

Recipe for Cucumber and Pepper Relish. A great way to use cucumbers and peppers and save the taste of summer for the winter. Makes about 1lb 12 oz (750 g).

Cucumber and Apple Chutney Recipe

Recipe for Cucumber and Apple Chutney. A lightly spiced cucumber and apply chutney recipe. Simple and easy to make. Makes about 5 lbs (2.5 kg) of chutney.

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