Recipes Section - Pears

Recipes using pears in the ingredients.

Pear, Fig and Walnut Chutney Recipe

Recipe for Pear, Fig & Walnut Chutney. If you prefer a less chunky texture, chop everything (including the walnuts) into smaller pieces.

Pear & Walnut Chutney Recipe

Recipe for Pear & Walnut Chutney. Makes about 4 lb (1.8 kg) of chutney. Leave for at least a month to allow to mature.

Mulled Pears Recipe

Recipe for Mulled Pears. An impromptu dessert that would work really well as a trifle base. As an added bonus you get to drink the Mulled Wine too.

Pear Chutney Recipe

Recipe for Pear Chutney. Makes about 4 lb (1.8 kg) of Pear Chutney. Wonderful for using up pears that have just gone over ripeness for eating

Mixed Fruit Chutney Recipe

Recipe for Mixed Fruit Chutney. The beauty of any chutney is that no two batches are the same as you vary the proportions of the different fruits in the mix

Pear Pickle Recipe

Recipe for Pear Pickle. If there is any syrup left over bottle it, as the pears may need topping up during storage. Makes around 5 lb (2.3 kg).

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