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Recipes where asparagus is included in the ingredients or for an accompanyment.

All Vegetable Spicy Stir Fry Recipe

Recipe for All Vegetable Spicy Stir Fry. Ready when the greens are wilting, but the firm vegetables still have a little crunch left. Serves 2.

Chard and Asparagus Roulade Recipe

Recipe for Chard and Asparagus Roulade. Great as a light lunch for two or starter for 4. You can use spinach in place of the chard and different cheeses.

Asparagus Risotto Recipe

Recipe for Asparagus Risotto. Feeds two. The beauty is you can substitute any vegetables throughout the year making this a versatile basis for many meals

Asparagus Cream Cheese Quiche Recipe

Asparagus Cream Cheese Quiche Recipe. From the Grown in Britain Cookbook published by Dorling Kindersley with the Soil Association and used with permission.

Cream of Asparagus Soup Recipe

This quite straightforward to make Cream of Asparagus Soup Recipe serves 4 portions of absolutely delicious soup.

Asparagus Flan Recipe

Recipe for Asparagus Flan. Garnish the centre with a slice of tomato or a couple of twisted slices of lemon. Goes well with a crisp, green salad. Serves 4.

Asparagus and Eggs Recipe

Recipe for Asparagus and Eggs. Serve immediately. Goes well on some hot, buttered toast.

Barbecued Asparagus Recipe

Recipe for Barbecued Asparagus. Great served with the Yogurt and Coriander and/or the Pesto Cream Dip from Granny Dumplin.

Yoghurt and Coriander Dip (for Asparagus) Recipe

Recipe for Yoghurt and Coriander Dip (for Asparagus). Serve with the Barbecued Asparagus dish - also from Granny Dumplin.

Pesto Cream Dip (for Asparagus) Recipe

Recipe for Pesto Cream Dip (for Asparagus. Pesto cream dip for the Barbecued Asparagus dish, also from Granny Dumplin. Pick and choose which dip to use.

Cream of Nettle and Asparagus Soup Recipe

Recipe for Cream of Nettle and Asparagus Soup. Serve piping hot with ripped up chunks of crusty loaf with lashings of real butter.

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