Pesto Cream Dip (for Asparagus) Recipe

pesto cream dip

Recipe for Pesto and Cream Dip (for Asparagus) sent in by: Granny Dumplin

Ingredients for Pesto and Cream Dip:

  • 2 cups whipping cream
  • ½ cup of Pesto (ready made is ok)
  • Dash or 2 of Tabasco.
  • Salt and pepper to taste

Method for Pesto and Cream Dip:

  1. Mix all the ingredients together and chill for 1 hour +.


Serve this pesto cream dip with the delicious Barbecued Asparagus dish – also from Granny Dumplin.

Pick and choose your dip or have this and the Yoghurt and Coriander Dip

Like most of chef ‘Granny Dumplin’s recipes, simple and fast to prepare but with a fantastic result. He explains that he’s had to work at speed but without sacrificing quality. The secret to good food, he says, is simply good ingredients.

You can get away with a multitude of mistakes so long as the original ingredients are fresh with good flavour and home grown vegetables certainly have flavour.

But with some things, why re-invent the wheel? If you can buy a quality pesto you’ll save time,

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