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Recipes using garlic in the ingredients.

Greek Lemon Roast Potatoes Recipe

Greek Lemon Roast Potatoes

Recipe for Greek Lemon Roast Potatoes. A traditional accompaniment to the whole barbecued lamb at family Easter celebrations .

Tagliatelle with Calabrese and Blue Cheese Sauce Recipe

Recipe for Tagliatelle with Calabrese and Blue Cheese Sauce. A simple and satisfying dish that serves 4.

Tagliatelle with Spinach Gnochi and Tomato Sauce Recipe

Recipe for Tagliatelle with Spinach Gnochi and Tomato Sauce . Serves 4 and makes an interesting and delicious way of getting your "greens".

Vegetarian Lasagne Recipe

Recipe for Vegetarian Lasagne. A filling, satisfying meal for 4. Serve with a fresh, green salad. Freezes well.

Courgette and Docellate Soup

Courgette and Dolcellate Soup Recipe

This easy Courgette and Dolcellate Soup Recipe is great for using up the summer time glut of courgettes that we always end up with. Can be frozen.

Vegetable Gratin Recipe

A Vegetarian Gluten Free Vegetable Gratin recipe. Makes Enough for 4 good helpings on its own, or 6 if served with sausages.

Stuffed Tomatoes Recipe

Recipe for Stuffed Tomatoes. To spice up a little more add 2 drops of hot pepper sauce. Works well with herb coated potatoes and garlic mushrooms.

Simple Courgette Soup Recipe

Recipe for Simple Courgette Soup. Can freeze well and yummy with oaty/seedy bread! Use up the inevitable summer courgette glut with this tasty soup

Penne with Courgette Cream Recipe

Recipe for Penne with Courgette Cream. Can be served as an appetiser or as a main course. Any left over can be refrigerated and simply reheated.

Greek Style Courgette and Cheese Pie Recipe

Recipe for Courgette and Cheese Pie (Greek style). Absolutely delicious. Serve with a green salad and bread if necessary (the pie is filling on its own).

Chard and Asparagus Roulade Recipe

Recipe for Chard and Asparagus Roulade. Great as a light lunch for two or starter for 4. You can use spinach in place of the chard and different cheeses.

Asparagus Risotto Recipe

Recipe for Asparagus Risotto. Feeds two. The beauty is you can substitute any vegetables throughout the year making this a versatile basis for many meals

Gardeners’ Chicken Recipe

Recipe for Gardeners' Chicken. Green salad contrasts well with this dish and if you feel extra hungry, serve with ciabatta bread (or similar).

Vegetable Lasagne Recipe

This Vegetable Lasagne Recipe is as easy to make if not easier than a meat lasagne dish. Suitable for vegetarians but will appeal even to the carnivores.

Mediterranean Vegetable Quiche Recipe

Easy and fast recipe for Mediterranean Vegetable Quiche. Enough for 4 people. Can be eaten either hot or cold. Serve with a crisp green salad.

Avocado Soup Recipe

A very easy recipe for Avocado Soup. A wonderful summer soup served chilled. No cooking whatsoever involved. Makes enough for 4 people.

Courgette Soup Recipe

Recipe for Courgette Soup. A simple recipe with a delicious result. Another way to use up the courgette glut!

Pizza Broccoli

Recipe for Pizza Broccoli. Makes one large pizza. If smaller pizzas are required, divide the dough into small lumps, roll into balls and leave to rise apart

Pizzaiola Sauce Recipe

Recipe for Pizzaiola Sauce. A tomato sauce to spread on the base of your home-made pizzas.

Pizza Neapolitan Recipe

Recipe for Pizza Neapolitan. The traditional difference between a Pizza Neapolitan and a Pizza Margherita is that oregano is used on the top not basil.

Mediterranean Broccoli Recipe

Recipe for Mediterranean Broccoli. Another way to get your greens! This can be suitable for vegetarians if vegetable stock is used instead of chicken stock.

Italian Style Lamb Recipe

Recipe for Italian Style Lamb. Serves 4. Goes particularly well with macaroni or noodles.

Vegetarian “Paella” Recipe

Recipe for Vegetarian "Paella". Garnish the top of the "paella" with a few black olives or some fried mushrooms along with some thin strips of red pepper.

Stewed Peas with Onion & Garlic Recipe

Recipe for Stewed Peas with Onion and Garlic. A simple and light side dish, good with roast or sauté potatoes and grilled or roast meat.

Baked Penne with Courgettes and Tomatoes Recipe

Recipe for Baked Penne with Courgettes and Tomatoes. Serves 4. A filling main course meal on its own. Nice served with a green side salad.

Another Vegetable Layer Recipe

Recipe for Another Vegetable Layer. Goes well with boiled long-grain rice. Serves 4.

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