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courgette nut cake

Courgette and Nut Cake Recipe

Courgette and Nut cake is an easy healthier cake that help to use up your glut of Courgettes. A 2lb cake will easily feed 8 people with healthy appetites.

Indulgent Courgette Cake Recipe

If you want a really indulgent courgette cake that freezes well, try this one. Serves 6 to 8 depending on appetite. The cream cheese icing is wonderful

Almond Ring Recipe

An Almond Ring is a perfect dessert for a special occasion. It's full of almond flavor with a lovely icing to provide that extra bit of sweetness.

The Best and Easiest Chocolate Cake Ever Recipe

This is a super chocolate cake recipe. So easy to prepare, and very delicious to taste. Makes a very large cake that will serve 10-12 people

Green Tomato Cake Recipe

Recipe for Green Tomato Cake - An interesting way to use up some green tomatoes before frost hits that produces a moist, deliciously spiced cake.

Sultana, Cherry and Chocolate Uncooked Cake Recipe

Recipe for Sultana, Cherry and Chocolate Uncooked Cake. Takes less than 30 minutes to make from start to finish and is ideal for making with children.

Mum’s Never Fails Golden Syrup Cake Recipe

Recipe for Mum's Never Fails Golden Syrup Cake. This cake keeps well and gets more syrupy as the days go by when wrapped in cling film It can also be frozen

Treacle Tart Recipe

Recipe for Treacle Tart. Can be served as a pudding with custard or a dollop of cream or on its own sliced as an afternoon tea treat.

Sticky Gingerbread Cake Recipe

Recipe for Sticky Gingerbread. Eat it smothered in butter, warm and drizzled with custard or cream, or simply on its own.

Pineapple Upside Down Cake Recipe

Recipe for Pineapple Upside Down Cake. A classic recipe that's still a firm favourite. Easy to make and can be served on its own or with custard or cream.

Marble Cake Recipe

Recipe for Marble Cake. An easy to make cake that looks like it's been hard work! Mixed colours and flavours make this Marble Cake appealing and interesting

Lemon Love Cake Recipe

Lemon Love Cake Recipe. A simple lemon love cake recipe for you to bake. Frequently appeared on the school dinner menu! A firm favourite with children.

Chocolate Cake Recipe

Recipe for Chocolate Cake. There's a lot of variations on chocolate cake but this is a good quick standard that can be adapted for children or adults

Zucchini (Courgette) Loaf Recipe

Recipe for Zucchini (Courgette) Loaf. Yet another way to use up the annual courgette glut - or zucchini as they are called in the Americas

Plum Cake Recipe

Recipe for Plum Cake. This is lovely served hot or cold with Greek Yogurt and honey. I sent this recipe to The British Farm Council in the 1980's

Sugar-Free Dried Apricot Cake Recipe

Recipe for Sugar-Free Dried Apricot Cake. This is a lovely moist cake and good for folk who have to be careful with sugar.

All in one bowl Cherry Cake Recipe

Recipe for Cherry Cake Recipe Really simple and easy to make While still hot brush with Apricot Jam Takes 3 hours to make and bake but you'll eat it faster

Squashy Rhubarb Cake Recipe

Recipe for Squash Rhubarb Cake. Serve as a cake or warm as a pudding with custard. Absolutely delicious A new take on rhubarb crumble but with all the taste

Kentish Apple Tart Recipe

Recipe for Kentish Apple Tart. Kent, the garden of England, has always produced wonderful apples and so this recipe is particularly suited to Kent apples

Dorset Apple Cake Recipe

Recipe for Dorset Apple Cake. An apple cake incorporating cooking (bramley apples), lemon juice and cinnamon. Lovely served with clotted cream.

Apple Cake (Torta con le mele) Recipe

Recipe for Apple Cake (Torta con le mele). Torta con le mele .....cake with apples to you and me, but my Italian friend Titta gave me the recipe.

Lavender Tea Cake Recipe

Recipe for Lavender Tea Cake. Perfect for afternoon tea! It has a wonderful, light texture and very fresh taste.

Lemon, Marmalade and Courgette Cake Recipe

Recipe for Lemon, Marmalade and Courgette Cake. Very moist with a good lemon flavour. Serve on its own or with custard as a pudding.

Beetroot Cake Recipe

Recipe for Beetroot Cake. A lovely recipe. If not serving straight away, cover with clingfilm and chill and remove from fridge about 30 mins before eating.

Chocolate Courgette Cake Recipe

Recipe for Chocolate Courgette Cake. A good recipe for getting children to eat more vegetables! Use up the summer glut of courgettes

Filled Courgette Cake Recipe

Recipe Filled for Courgette Cake. A lovely cake and very easy to make. Another way to deal with the summer courgette glut!

Carrot Cake Recipe

Carrot Cake Recipe. If you want to freeze it, leave it un-topped and put the topping on when de-frosted. Simple and easy to make.

Grandma’s Gooseberry Upside-down Cake Recipe

Recipe for Grandma's Gooseberry Upside-down Cake. For the very best way to eat gooseberries do try this family recipe. Great served with ice-cream.

Spiced Apple Cake Recipe

Recipe for Spiced Apple Cake. Easy to make but really impressive. The spices and the apple keep the cake moist and it will last for at least 4 days in foil.

Wheat-Free Apple Layer Cake Recipe

Recipe for Wheat-Free Apple Layer Cake. A low-fat, moist cake using soya and rice flours. Nice served as a pudding with soya yoghurt.

Rhubarb Tart Recipe

Recipe for Rhubarb Tart. Serve with custard or cream/ice-cream. Enough for 4 people.

Carrot Cake (2) Recipe

An alternative recipe for carrot cake. For a nice finishing touch, sprinkle some chopped walnuts on the top. This variation is preferred by many people

Fruit Tart Recipe

Recipe for Fruit Tart. If bottled fruit is used, drain well before using and omit the sugar. Can be eaten on its own or as a dessert with whipped cream.

Open Fruit Tart Recipe

Easy and simple recipe for Open Fruit Tart. Serves at least 4. Can be made with a wide variety of fresh fruits from strawberries to apples.

Fresh Plum Cake Recipe

Recipe for Fresh Plum Cake. Best eaten warm with ice cream though you can eat it cold, but why wait? Also works with apples and rhubarb.

Courgette Cake Recipe

Recipe for Courgette Cake. Yes, it's for real! A courgette cake. You can use half carrots/ half courgettes if you want. Can top with sweetened cream cheese.

Rhubarb Cake Recipe

Recipe for Rhubarb Cake. Rhubarb cake sounds absolutely wonderful! Straight forward to make as well. Serve with a dollop of double cream!!

Chocolate and Beetroot Cake Recipe

Recipe for Chocolate and Beetroot Cake. A simple Beetroot and Chocolate cake recipe. This is a lovely moist cake and it doesn't taste of beets (promise).

Overripe Banana and Sultana Cake Recipe

Recipe for Overripe Banana and Sultana Cake. Use up any overripe bananas in this delicious cake.

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