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Recipes using marrows as the main ingredient

Marrow & Courgette Chutney Recipe

Recipe for Marrow & Courgette Chutney. Goes lovely with cheese or cold meats. Best to leave in a cool, dark place for 2 - 3 weeks at least before consuming.

Tuna Stuffed Marrow Recipe

Recipe for Tuna Stuffed Marrow. Tuna goes surprisingly well with marrow and the topping to this recipe becomes lovely and crispy as it bakes.

Marrow Soup Recipe

Recipe for Marrow Soup. The marrow makes the soup quite creamy but you can swirl in some cream if desired. Add a little chilli sauce to spice up the soup.

Stuffed Marrow Recipe – Vegetarian Version

Easy to follow recipe for Stuffed Marrow - Vegetarian Version. Serves 4 to 6. A good recipe if you have a glut of marrows.

Pasta Hot Pot Recipe

Recipe for Pasta Hot Pot. Garnish the top with a few spring onions. For a more filling meal, hand round some grated cheddar cheese. Serves 4.

Marrow Chutney Recipe

Recipe for Marrow Chutney. Makes about 4 lbs (1.8 kg) of Marrow Chutney. You can also use this recipe for those overgrown courgettes!

Mathews’ Marrow Pickle

Recipe for Mathews' Marrow Pickle. This recipe is probably over 200 years old Delicious with cold meats and cheese Useful for over grown courgettes as well

Mixed Pickle Recipe

Recipe for Mixed Pickle. For an extra kick, add 1 dried chilli pepper to each jar A good standard pickle that goes well with a traditional ploughman's lunch

Oh No – Marrow! Recipe

Recipe for Oh No - Marrow! An easy to do recipe that goes down well with the kids.

Pasta and Vegetable Hot Pot Recipe

Recipe for Pasta and Vegetable Hot Pot. A filling vegetable and pasta hot pot enhanced by the taste of ginger. Serves 4.

Stuffed Marrow Rings Recipe

Recipe for Stuffed Marrow Rings. Marrows are one of those vegetables that we rarely see in the shops, as growers we can relish the flavour.

Oh No, Not Marrow Again? Recipe

Recipe for Oh No, Not Marrow Again! Despite the title, this recipe may just convince you to grow more marrows.

Recipe for Marrow Jam

Recipe for Marrow Jam. You'll need to use jam sugar for this (or ordinary sugar with added liquid or powdered pectin) as marrows have none!

Marrow and Tomato Gratin Recipe

Recipe for Marrow and Tomato Gratin. A filling vegetarian gourmet meal making the most from home grown ingredients where quality counts

Marrow and Parsley Cream Crumble Recipe

Recipe for Marrow and Parsley Cream Crumble. Another great recipe for Marrows from 'Grandma Dumplin'. An unusual savoury crumble.

Marrow and Ginger Jam Recipe

Recipe for Marrow and Ginger Jam. This makes a great breakfast jam, which certainly wakes your taste buds up with that ginger zing. Add some chilli as well.

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