Stuffed Marrow Recipe – Vegetarian Version

stuffed marrow

Stuffed Marrow Recipe Submitted by Patricia Dimberline

Ingredients for Stuffed Marrow:

  • 1 large marrow
  • Tomatoes (2 tins) or 3lb tomatoes at least
  • 2 tablespoons tomato purée (found sun-dried the best)
  • 1 or 2 large onions
  • Numerous cloves of garlic to your taste
  • Small bag of “Quorn” (this is vegetarian to look like meat)
  • Oregano (to taste)
  • Lots and lots of basil
  • Salt and pepper
  • Chilli  (either seeds or 1 green)

Method for Stuffed Marrow:

  1. Either dry or oil fry onions until soft, add quorn and toss for 5 minutes on medium heat, add tomatoes and herbs, salt and pepper,  chilli and garlic. Cook for about 1 to 1½ hours on low, simmering, stirring occasionally, until it has rendered down.
  2. Halve the marrow, scoop out seeds, cut bottom to make it stable but don’t go through. Pour enough of the sauce to fill.
  3. Then make a normal white sauce with cornflour and milk, add a little cheddar cheese, pour over the marrow, make sure sauce is thickish. Then put a sprinkle of cheddar and parmesan cheese on top.
  4. Cook in a pre-heated oven at 180 degrees for about an hour or so, check that the marrow is cooked and it is ready to serve.

This Stuffed Marrow Recipe serves 4 to 6. A good recipe if you have a glut of marrows.

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9 comments on “Stuffed Marrow Recipe – Vegetarian Version
  1. Sally Hughes says:

    Hi, im in a rush as usual, just had loads of fruit and veg given and needed some recipies, clicked on your website and got some great ones, i will definately come back to you. you have such a fabulous choice of things, thank you very much, i.ll let you know how succesful i am.
    Best wishes Sally

  2. Dee Major says:

    this stuffed marrow (again) recipe looks delicious and i will be able to eat this on my diet as it uses quorn instead of meat, and i will use low fat cheese to do the topping.

    thanks lots, i will be able to scoff all my marrows this autumn and stay on my diet. cheers:)

  3. patrick cane says:

    my partner made gooseberry jam from your recipe, very nice. even sent some to her friend in spain, waiting for feedback on that one.

  4. leanne says:

    Thank you for the recipe, my husband has been quite lucky with marrows and courgettes this year in our garden we have given loads away, but i have been wondering what to do with it. I will be trying this 2 nite and I will let u know how it goes x x

  5. Lewis says:

    I normaly cut marrow into rings and stuff with meat loaf type stuffing i have never thought of doing it like this!

    I had a go over the weekend with a smallish marrow and it was stunning!

    Although as a carnivore i used beef rather than quorn i must admit – I did have a look and it actually cost more to use the quorn then lean minced beef 🙁 Might have a play with some aubergine layers in a large marrorow next timeand make a musakka marrow boat! hehe



  6. Annick West says:

    Hi Patricia,
    This sounds great; I like the idea of the tomato sauce topped with white sauce and cheese. However, I am going to try it with either red/brown lentils instead of quorn. Will let you know if it worked!

  7. Lizzy says:

    I have about 1 lb of ‘brandy pickled’ blackberries left after filtering off my liquer. I was wondering if anyone had a recipe to use them. It seems a shame to put them on the compost heap!!

  8. Jules says:

    We had some vodka infused blackberries left over last Autumn and added them to a blackberry and apple crumble….divine!!

  9. Helen says:


    Make liquer chocolates Lizzy.

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