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Recipes using raspberries as a main ingredient

Raspberry Buns Recipe

Recipe for Raspberry Buns. Very quick and easy to make and will go down well with the whole family. Children love helping to make these.

Rhubarb Roll Recipe

Recipe for Rhubarb Roll. The milk and jam makes a lovely fruity sauce, serve warm with cream or custard. Does not freeze.

Fruit Flapjack Recipe

Recipe for Fruit Flapjack. Perfect for breakfast on the run or in school lunchboxes. You can even pretend its healthy what with all the cereals and fruit!

Melba Summer Pudding Recipe

Recipe for Melba Summer Pudding. Make the best of summer fruit. Can be served with Low Fat Creme Frais, or with cream, it's your choice! Enough for 4 people

Cranachan Recipe – Scottish Whisky Laced Raspberry Dessert

Recipe for Cranachan. A traditional Scottish Whisky Laced Raspberry Dessert that is absolutely delicious! Very rich so a little goes a long way.

Raspberry Vinegar Recipe

Recipe for Raspberry Vinegar. Makes a refreshing drink and nice as a salad dressing. The same recipe can be used for blackberries and blackcurrants.

Raspberry Jam Recipe

An easy recipe for Raspberry Jam. Raspberries usually have enough pectin to ensure a good set. Makes around 6 lbs (2.7 kg) of delicious jam.

Raspberry Jelly Recipe

Recipe for Raspberry Jelly. The beauty of this is that you can enjoy all the flavour of raspberry jam without the little pips getting stuck in your teeth!

Recipe for Easy Microwave Jam

Recipe for Easy Microwave Jam. This jam will seem runnier than normal but cooking continues during standing time and it sets well once in jars and cooled.

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