Fruit Flapjack Recipe

fruit flapjack

Fruit Flapjack Recipe Submitted by annie2006

I make this Fruit Flapjack Recipe at least once a week because everyone in the family loves it and it is a very forgiving recipe for swapping and changing ingredients or quantities. I measure merely by eye and it always turns out right anyway!

Ingredients for Fruit Flapjack:

Dry ingredients – mix in a bowl

  • about 8oz of cereals ie porridge oats, crushed cornflakes, crushed weetabix – basically whatever you have or needs using up
  • 2ozĀ  sugar
  • 2oz self raising flour
  • chopped up fruit in little tiny squares such as apples, or soft fruits like raspberries/blueberries, or raisins – just add as much as you like or have.
  • you can also add some chopped nuts or coconut if u like.

Wet ingredients – put in a pan and melt together

  • 2 large tbsp of margarine
  • 2 large tbsp of golden syrup

Method for Fruit Flapjack:

  1. Mix the wet with the dry until all the dry is coated and wet looking. Press firmly with the back of a spoon into a stick-proof Swiss roll tin, and pop into oven for 20 minutes about 180 c.
  2. As soon as it comes out of oven, use a knife and cut into squares but then leave in tin until it has cooled. you can then add some melted chocolate on top as another option, or leave plain.

Perfect for breakfast on the run or in school lunch boxes, and you can even pretend its healthy what with all the cereals and fruit.

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4 comments on “Fruit Flapjack Recipe
  1. stan says:

    My wife made this and its the best flapjack I have every tasted.

  2. Helen says:

    Used rhubarb from my garden tastes like a bar of rhubarb crumble. Delicious!

  3. Tasnim says:

    I made these flapjacks the other day and I thought that they were absolutely amazing. They have a combination of different fruits and they taste delicious.

  4. lilly says:

    I like it

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