Cousin Mary’s Chocolate Trifle Recipe

chocolate trifle

Cousin Mary’s Chocolate Trifle Recipe submitted by Jan McGeachie

An easy to make chocolate trifle for anyone that does not like traditional trifles. If you’re making it for children, replace the coffee with half a cup of fruit juice.

Serves at least 4 and requires no cooking apart from making the custard.

Ingredients for Cousin Mary’s Chocolate Trifle :

  • Chocolate Swiss Roll
  • 1 tsp Coffee
  • 1 pint of custard
  • 1 tsp cocoa powder
  • Whipped cream and chocolate flakes to decorate

Method for Cousin Mary’s Chocolate Trifle:

  1. Cut up the Swiss roll and lay in the bottom of  a glass bowl.
  2. Pour over half  a cup of black coffee or fruit juice and leave to soak.
  3. Make up a pint of custard adding a tablespoon cocoa powder and pour over.
  4. Leave in the fridge to set.
  5. Decorate with the whipped cream and chocolate flakes.

You can get away with a tin of custard and squirty cream for the top!

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