Gooseberry Jelly Recipe

gooseberry jelly

Another way to use up a seasonal glut of gooseberries in this tasty homemade preserve. Easy to make as gooseberries are high in pectin and acidic in their own right.

Ingredients for Gooseberry Jelly:

  • 4 lbs (1.8 kg) gooseberries
  • 2 pints (1.125 litres) water
  • 1 lb (450 g) sugar per pint of juice obtained.

Method for Gooseberry Jelly:

  • Wash and drain the gooseberries.
  • Pick over to remove any unsound fruit but do not top and tail.
  • Put into a pan with the water and stew until the fruit is soft and pulpy.
  • Test for pectin.
  • Turn into a jelly bag and leave overnight to strain.
  • Measure the juice and heat in a pan.
  • Add lb (450 g) warmed sugar to each pint of juice, stirring untill all the sugar has dissolved.
  • Bring to the boil and boil rapidly until the jelly sets when tested.
  • Remove the scum.
  • Pot and seal whilst still hot.

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11 comments on “Gooseberry Jelly Recipe
  1. Linda James says:

    Can anyone help? Went to make gooseberry jelly last night and had 5.5 pounds of gooseberries so I added an extra half pint of water to the 1.5 litres recommended. It didn’t reach setting point probably because there was too much water. I strained it through a jelly bag, and rather carry the recipe through and waste 2lbs preserving sugar I need to know…. can I rescue it?

  2. angela says:

    have you tried getting a bottle of pectin, have seen them in Sainsburys and Asda as it may also be low in pectin

  3. angela says:

    also you could try reducung the juice in a pan to about half the volume and testing for the pectin level before adding the sugar

  4. Judith Tooker says:

    on the certo recipe from the box make it like crabapple/ apple jelly. I do & works fine

  5. tony says:

    You can usually get the jam to set, you need to boil away some of the water until it start to get thick. Test on a cold saucer for setting. Good luck.

  6. Julie Little says:

    I never add water. Cook the gooseberries in microwave until mushy. This takes up to 30 mins on medium heat for 2 kilos in my microwave and then strain. No trouble setting.

  7. elsie caines says:

    Pleased to find recipe in old weights and measures. Loads of gooseberries this year for the first time. Look forward to this new venture.

  8. Dan Fawcett says:

    Is it ok to use frozen fruit to make jam?

  9. Val says:

    Yes it’s fine. Just allow 10 per cent more fruit to sugar to compensate for the loss of pectin caused by freezing.

  10. Sue says:

    Thank you Julie. In all the years I have been making jelly, I never thought to use the microwave. Have lots of gooseberries, will make my jelly this way in future.

  11. Pauline Gascoigne says:

    Took a bit longer than I thought to get a set but all of a sudden it did.. Lovely taste

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