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Soilfixer Super Compost Bin

Better Easier Composting, Biochar & Humification

Two new compost bins arrive along with some additive to improve the compost quality by increasing humus and some biochar.

Permaculture Pumpkins

Using some alternative methods to break in new land whilst still using it to grow squash and pumpkins.

Why do I bother?

There are times when I wonder why I spend time, effort and money on growing my own veggies. Is it really worth the bother?

greenhouse storm damage f

Another Eden Greenhouse

The old greenhouse has been replaced so all I've got to do is build it and a windbreak to protect it.

growing questions answers

Growing Questions & Answers 3 June 2019

What wood to use for raised beds, then a heartfelt plea for help with white rot on the plot. Composting question.. can you compost a synthetic duvet?

Powdery Mildew Cucumber

Courgette Problems & Allium Leaf Miner

A couple of readers wrote in about problems with their courgettes and another has lost his entire onion crop to allium leaf miner.

Coffee Grounds

Using Coffee Grounds & Banana Peel in the Garden

This reader has a source for both coffee grounds and, unusually, banana peel in volume. But what's the best way to use them?

growing questions answers

Growing Questions & Answers 2 June 2019

Crop rotation – do you need to do it? - What is lime for? Show grower asks for assistance propagating leeks from grass. Why aren't my peppers growing?

Strawberries in Hanging Basket

Growing Strawberries on Trestles or Tables

About growing strawberries off the ground on trestles and tables to avoid some of the problems of growing strawberries in the ground.

Slug Ignoring Copper Barrier

Mystery Weed, Slugs & Snails the Movie!

I'm hoping someone can help identify a weed troubling a reader. I'm stumped! And the people at Envii are dipping their toe into the horror film business with a short about slugs and snails.

growing questions answers

Growing Questions & Answers June 2019

Controlling Weeds, Green Manures, Feeding Parsnips with Comfrey Tea, Garlic Rust & Leeks and Too Late for Onions? after a reader loses his crop to disease.

Man Tending BBQ

Can You Use BBQ Ash on the Garden

Can you use the ash from barbecues on the garden? With one small reservation, a resounding yes. A timely question for the summer was raised by a reader.

Leaf Cutter Bee

Leaf Cutter Bees

Looking at the damage caused by leaf cutting bees. But are they a pest or a garden helper? I think we need all the bees we can get!

80 watt solar panel fixed to frame

Polytunnel Ventilation – Solar Powered Cooling System

Controlling temperature and humidity is critical. I've tackled the problem of polytunnel ventilation by installing a solar powered cooling system.


Worms – Increasing Worm Population

A reader is concerned at the lack of worms in the soil. Taking a look at some causes of low worm population - how to increase worm populations in the soil.

Rocks and Rubble

Improving a New Property’s Clay Soil

A new house with a soil made of clay, rocks and rubble. Some ideas and a plan for improving the clay soil without too much work in one go.

Polytunnel Centre Bed

Planting in the Polytunnel, Snail Invasion!

The weather remains pretty poor so I'm concentrating on working in the polytunnel and greenhouse. Hopefully it will pick up soon.

Strawberries in Hanging Basket

Strawberries by the kilo!

The strawberries are doing really well in the polytunnel already. Looking at increasing production of this wonderful fruit for next year too.

Woodchip Path Between Raised Beds

Gravel Paths on Allotments

Is it a good idea to use gravel for paths between beds on an allotment plot. I answer a question with some thoughts on gravel paths.

Chilligrow Greenhouse

In the Greenhouse – New Equipment on Test

Setting up the greenhouse for growing rather than propagating. Testing out a Chilligrow and Self Watering Tower Pots.

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