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Pomato, (TomTato) Growing Tomatoes on Potatoes

I had a reader enquire about how to produce Pomato (Tomtato) plants formed by grafting a tomato plant as scion to a potato pant as rootstock.

Flooded Village

Floods – the answers in the land

Looking at vast areas of the country flooded yet again made me think about what we can do. Some of the answers are in the land.

vegetable beds

Winter planting, winter harvest, testing the greenhouses

My last post about sweet potatoes went on a bit longer than I intended so this is the rest of the catch-up from the plot.

Sweet Potatoes

Sweet Potato Growing Results

My first attempt at growing sweet potatoes hasn't been quite the success I hoped for. Not a complete failure though.

commercial greenhouse

You can grow anything, anywhere, anytime.. But

Had an interesting discussion about seasonal food and my polytunnel the other day.

Young Broad Beans Plants

Repairs Done, Broad Beans Planted, Back Pulled

The greenhouse vent is fixed, emergency repairs to the polytunnel, over-wintering broad beans planted out but I've broken down!

Piri Piri and Tabasco Chillis

Main Greenhouse, Polytunnel

Plans go awry, clearing the greenhouse and tidying up the polytunnel ready for the next season.

Finishing Touches & Fitting Out Greenhouse

Having got the greenhouse glazed, it's time for the finishing touches and fitting out.

Eden Burford Greenhouse

New Greenhouse Finally Finished – New Raised Bed

A dry, calm day and some help gets the new greenhouse finally glazed. Brand new raised bed in the polytunnel.


Harvesting Potatoes, Planting Garlics & Onions

Harvesting the Sarpo Mira potatoes. Amending the soil in the bed. Planting out garlic and onions in the polytunnel.

Curcubit Glut, Autumn Sowing, New Greenhouse

Cucumbers, courgettes, squash and pumpkins. All cucurbits and boy do we have a lot of them. Autumn sowing beans, peas, garlic and onions.

Dog Leg Runner Bean Frame

Polytunnel, Sweetcorn, Climbing Beans, Biochar

Since the weather is insisting of being rotten, wind and rain, concentrating efforts in the polytunnel and a bit of general planning for next season.

Ripening Squash

Autumn is Here

We're past the Autumn Equinox now and so officially into the “Season of mists and mellow fruitfulness” as John Keats wrote 200 years ago.

Eden Burford Greenhouse Construction

Losing the Plot (as in My Marbles)

I put the greenhouse bits in a safe place and forgot which safe place and where is the safe place. Am I finally going potty?

Squash Should be Hunter

Pumpkins & Squashes

Back in July I decided to start bringing some more land into production for next year using a sort of permaculture method. Since I don’t like wasting resources and land is perhaps the most important resource we have, I decided
Black Russian & Indigo Rose Tomatoes

Tomatoes, Experiments & Cucumbers Galore

Harvesting some exceptional tomatoes and cucumbers, results of a couple of experiments with alternative growing methods.

A Little Knowledge

A little knowledge is a dangerous thing. Worse than that is plain misinformation and sadly there's a lot of that doing the rounds.

Compost Bins

Soilfixer 1,000 litre compost bin report

I'm trialling the Soilfixer 1,000 litre compost bin which is from the same person, Tony Callaghan, who invented the Hotbin

Sorting out Greenhouse

Great Weather – Greenhouse Sorting

Bending the recovery rules a bit by sorting out the greenhouse. The aubergine, De-leafing the tomatoes and fantastic chilli peppers.

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