Yearly Archives: 2004

White Christmas followed by Rain

After a white Christmas, the snow melted and the rain came down turning the plots into paddy fields

Digging the Solstice!

The winter solstice finds me digging over plot 5 to prevent panning

Glorious Day for Digging

A glorious day finds me catching up on the rough digging on plot 5 - Some thoughts on leafmould

Planning the Allotment

Finding time for the allotment is not always as easy as I'd wish when earning a living gets in the way. Still, time to plan for the new year

Moving the Leaves to the Leafmould Bin

Managed an hour on the plot today, despite the rain. Had to leave when it threatened to drown me. Transporting the leaves to leafmould bin. All I managed was to cart 8 barrow loads of leaves to the cage on
Piles Leaves for Leafmould

Mountains of Leaves for Leafmould Making

From freezing cold the weather has switched again. It was 14°C today at lunchtime when a load of leaves arrived for leafmould The nice chap from the council kept his promise and a load of leaves was delivered right to
Leafmould Soil Improve

Improving the Soil by Adding Leafmould

Spent the afternoon adding leafmould to the soil and forming a path from wood chippings.

Summerhouse on the Allotment

Although I had a lot planned, ended up not getting to the plot until late and then helping out another plotholder build a summerhouse. Best laid plans of mice and men oft gang a-gley. Building a Summerhouse on the Allotment

Composting Wood Chippings

Composting wood chippings to add to soil humus and digging over for the winter. Liming as well

May 2024

What to do now on your plot!

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