Monthly Archives: May 2006

Parsnips, Carrots and Salsify plus One of Those Days

If it can go wrong, it will and today was the day for it. From computers to runner beans, nothing seems to be going according to plan. Running so far behind, I wonder if I will catch up at all.

Super Cloche and Fettling the Greenhouse

This weekend there is bad news on the cauliflowers, a plot inspection from my gardening guru and fettling (from the Middle English fet len ? to make ready) the part for the greenhouse. Plus the super cloche bargain buy.

Busy on the plot with Broad Beans, Sweetcorn and More

Transporting plants from home to plot and trying to rescue the sweetcorn. Plot five attempts to emulate a paddy field, which hampers planting further

Wet Weather – Allotment Paddy Field

Between the rain and the plague, the allotment is getting pretty neglected. The list of things to do grows longer but it is like a marsh on the site.

In the Potting Shed Moving Plants Along

An evening in the potting shed, moving the brassicas on and the tomatoes into my large bargain pots. A deluge from the skies as the radio talks of drought orders and my sovereign cold remedy.

Planting Sweetcorn and Cauliflowers, In the Greenhouse

Everything is rushing along to catch up from the slow start this year and I'm trying to keep pace. Started planting out the sweetcorn as well

Planting Onions and Brassicas

The trauma of working through a beautiful day and the joys of sneaking off early to the plot to plant onions and brassicas

Greenhouse Problems and Mantis Tiller to Work

The greenhouse threatens to never be erected and has, in fact, taken a step backwards as I have to remove bits as a template! At least the Mantis worked for me.

Missing Part Stops Greenhouse Construction

The greenhouse construction project stalled unexpectedly just as it seemed to be going so well. Plan B failed so onto plan C!

Rebuilding the Greenhouse and Lawn Care

Greenhouse construction hardly goes smoothly and the shocking price of nuts and bolts drives up my blood pressure. Plus some lawn care at home which involves a rather distasteful job.

Building a Greenhouse Base

Building the greenhouse base from timber beams and too much chatting and drinking tea on the plot so not too much work was achieved.

Allotment Rents, Greenhouse Glass and Brassicas

Southerly wind breaks greenhouse glass and I get ready to start construction. Also make a start on planting out the brassicas.

May 2006

What to do now on your plot!

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