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Planting Sweetcorn and Cauliflowers, In the Greenhouse

In the greenhouse

I seem to have caught a cold – typical, the weather was wonderful so I get a cold. Decided to start the day by potting on the courgettes, pumpkins and squashes from the small home greenhouse.

Realised the weather wasn’t bad and the sweetcorn was getting more than ready to plant out so loaded 64 plants into the car and to the plot.

Sweetcorn and Cauliflowers

I planted the biggest 40 plants on plot 29 and put the rest into the coldframe to give them another week. I may plant them on plot 5. Bit of a backup as well, although I think, touch wood, that we are safe from frost.

Next to the brassicas cage on plot 5 where I planted 4 Christmas Drumhead cabbages, 6 cauliflower All Year Round and 3 cauliflower Mayflower. The cauliflowers get a larger spacing of around 30? than the cabbages 18?. I”ve still got quite a few plants so I may plant a few more before donating the rest to Larry or anyone else who needs some.

Problem is that the cage is full so I need to construct some additional cage or the pigeons will eat the lot.


I took a spare courgette and pumpkin down to the plot, gave those to Pete who is just starting his first allotment. 

The comfrey is ready for a cut and I?ve loads ready for the greenhouse so I?d best make some time and get on with the construction.


The onions and garlic all look good and the potatoes are showing well now. The broad beans are a disappointment though, very patchy and they don?t look too well either. The weeds are doing well, of course.

On the salad bed I am quite amazed to see a large lettuce that has overwintered. The small lettuce I planted are doing well and the radish are showing although no sign of the spring onions yet.

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