Yearly Archives: 2022

Sprouts Stolen, Potatoes Pilfered

I went up to the brassica cage to pick some sprouts and most have gone. In the potato store, things were even worse!

Power Off, Greenhouse De-glazed, Rats

A day without power Stripping down the Vitavia greenhouse for repairs and a novel free rat deterrent that actually seems to work.

Vitavia Greenhouse Damage, Firewood

Well the storm has passed leaving a load of glass for me to clear up. The wind hit the Vitavia badly. Log splitting for firewood.

Mixing Concentrated Fertiliser, S-Chelate, Houseplants

Growing fantastic cacti using S-Chelate 12 Star. Mixing very concentrated fertiliser to make up usable feed.

Freezers – costs and savings

How we use our freezer to help us keep our head above water with inflation. It helps and as things are we all need a bit of help

Making Leafmould – Compost Bag Review

Clearing autumn leaves which are falling fast to make leaf mould. What I think of the compost bag purchased from Ebay.

Re-energising the polytunnel, Autumn, Soil Depletion.

Polytunnel preparation, leaves, mushrooms and soil depletion isn't a global problem as some would have you believe.

Coming Food Shortage?

We’re facing a serious global food supply problem that will impact us in Britain. The question is how badly.

Storing the Harvest, Hen Lockdowns

Bit of a good news / bad news post. However the hens aren’t too happy at being kept in their protected run.

Potatoes Galore, Raised Bed Re-think

All the potatoes lifted, rethinking the new raised beds, clearing the polytunnel and greenhouse harvest near the end.

Borlotti Beans, Runner Beans, Leeks & Bluebells

Keeping busy on the plot with harvesting. Preparing beans for dry storage and a bit of decorative growing as well.

Preparing for raised beds

Moving the two recycled plastic beds from the field plot to beside the polytunnel and adding two new ones at the same time.

Huge Crop – Squash & Pumpkins

Excellent harvest of squashes and pumpkins. What a lot we’ve got! Over the moon with the result, considering late planting.

Early close, preparing for 2023

The season seems to be coming to an early close. Plans laid for a major change next year but keeping options open, just in case..

From Queen to King

Well I don’t feel I can just put a normal post up in view of the loss of our Queen. The transition of the monarchy to the King

Frugal Food can be the Best

With energy costs and food prices going through the roof, we all need to develop frugal habits and be aware of costs.

Another Busy Week

A busy week on the plots, but there’s still loads to do. I’ve taken on too much year, due to concerns about the global food situation.

Sorting the Big Shed, Heatwave Watering

Despite the hot weather, we’re getting things done. Just not in the middle of the day when it’s siesta time.

A Week Recorded

I thought it might be worth noting down what I did last week, day by day. Although I didn’t feel as if a lot got done, seems it did!

June 2024

What to do now on your plot!

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