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Huge Crop – Squash & Pumpkins

Excellent harvest of squashes and pumpkins. What a lot we’ve got! Over the moon with the result, considering late planting.

Early close, preparing for 2023

The season seems to be coming to an early close. Plans laid for a major change next year but keeping options open, just in case..

From Queen to King

Well I don’t feel I can just put a normal post up in view of the loss of our Queen. The transition of the monarchy to the King

Frugal Food can be the Best

With energy costs and food prices going through the roof, we all need to develop frugal habits and be aware of costs.

Another Busy Week

A busy week on the plots, but there’s still loads to do. I’ve taken on too much year, due to concerns about the global food situation.

Sorting the Big Shed, Heatwave Watering

Despite the hot weather, we’re getting things done. Just not in the middle of the day when it’s siesta time.

A Week Recorded

I thought it might be worth noting down what I did last week, day by day. Although I didn’t feel as if a lot got done, seems it did!

Busy Day Harvesting, Planting Out

Catching up with the plots when the weather allows. Some great results, some not so good.

Harvest, Problems, Late Sowings

Harvesting ramping up but we've too many currants and giving them away is harder than it should be. Such is life!

Compost Bins made from Pallets

Wooden Compost Bin Ban – Madness!

A council banning wooden compost bins on allotments to combat rats. Not the best idea for the environment and not even effective.

Coping with the Heatwave, Hosepipe bans to come?

How we handled the great two day heatwave of 2022. Will there be a hosepipe ban soon? Plus some thoughts on longer term water independence.

Elephant Garlic, Aubergine, Moles & Farewell

We’ve had an amazing crop of elephant garlic this year. It’s an interesting vegetable, looking like a huge ordinary garlic but very mild.

Coming Food Crisis?

In my opinion, those who can should be looking to grow as much as they can for themselves as the global food situation worsens.

Watering, Potatoes, Tomatoes, Garlic

Busy time of year! Watering, sideshooting tomatoes, harvesting beans and garlic. It's non stop on the plot.

Quick Catch-up

Keeping up with the diary has fallen behind so a bit of a catch up.

Weed Free Brassica Cage Setup

For years now I’ve grown the bulk of my leafy brassicas under nets. Now I’ve made it virtually weed free as well as pest free.

Potatoes arriving, Sweetcorn planted, Shredder Problem

There's a lot going on at the moment but it's always a matter of running to keep up with everything.

Fruitful – Finally!

It looks like we're going to have a lot of fruit this year judging by the blossom and developing currants. About time!

Potatoes to Tomatoes

Last of the maincrop potatoes planted out in the walled vegetable garden. Tomatoes leaving the propagators - planting in the greenhouse border

September 2022

What to do now on your plot!

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