Monthly Archives: October 2007

GM Crops, Supermarkets & Time

Chained to the computer so hardly down to the plot, I have been following the news.

Insurance – what a scam!

I could not resist having a moan about insurance. What a scam. In any other field they would be sent to jail.

How Things Change

Thinking back on 30 years of gardening and realising how things have changed in that time.

Not Enough Hours in the Day

Sneaking a few hours here and there on the plot, finished the second raised bed and a bit of a harvest. Some poor but a good result with Jerusalem artichokes.

Raised Bed DIY Tips & Rambling

Carrying on with the deep beds even when it went dark and a vital DIY tip.

Season Over!

Frost strikes and so the season is officially over, clearing the beds.

Cauliflowers, Sprouts & Wood Arrives

Cauliflowers and Brussels sprouts from the plot. The wood arrives for the raised deep beds.

Zen & the art of hoeing

Buying some wood for the deep beds, making picalilli and achieving enlightenment with a hoe.

Seed Germination Rates

Next time you sow something and nothing appears it might not be poor compost or slugs eating the seedlings, it could be the quality of the seeds.

Save Money & Save Energy

New low energy lightbulbs mean you have no excuse. Go on, help save the planet and save some money while you do it.

Clearing, Barrowing & NVS Meeting

Interesting talk at the NVS, clearing the greenhouse and back to humping compost around the plots.

Moving Compost & Raised Bed Photo

Mainly moving compost with a bit of hoeing and the raised bed finished yesterday photographed

More Garden Tools from my Shed

What tools beyond the essential I find useful in my shed. Some are a luxury but some I would not be without.

The Raised Deep Bed

Finally finished the raised deep bed on plot 5 and Val carries on with the harvest.

Spraying & Digging

Bargain sprayer if slightly misused, digging over for the new raised bed and plot beautiful.

Seeds from Canada!

A present from Canada in the post this morning. Tomato and lettuce seeds.

Afternoon on the allotment

Spent the whole afternoon on the allotment. Harvesting, weeding and a cunning plan.

October 2007

What to do now on your plot!

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