Yearly Archives: 2020

Have a Wonderful Merry Christmas

It's going to be a quiet Christmas for us all but one of the best we had was when were snowed in, just the two of us and the cats.

From 2020 to Preparing for 2021

As we say goodbye or perhaps good riddance to 2020, it's time to look ahead and get prepared for the coming year, 2021. Let it be better!.

Compost Delivery

Improve the soil for healthy crops

The better the soil, the better things grow and there is evidence that the crops are better for us. Soil is the basis of all that we grow and eat.

Mushrooms, Increasing Production, Potatoes

I'm preparing a new bed for next year's potatoes and we seem to have a lot of mushrooms growing around the place. Upping our production and why.

Soldier Fly

Hexafly – Irish Fly Farming!

Farming black soldier flies. It sounds a bit weird but it actually makes a lot of sense producing animal feeds, fertiliser and other products from waste.


Does Biochar Work?

As we reach the end of the year, I’m looking at the effects of using biochar as a soil amendment. I’m happy to say that the initial rush of sales for my new book is slowing. Obviously I’m really pleased

Wind, Woodchips and Weeds

Fighting the wind, polytunnel leeks, recovering paths and weeding the cabbages. It's all go here!

Dig For Victory Book

Dig for Victory Book, New Shop, Lockdown

We're very busy here as the Dig for Victory book is finally on our shelf. It's all hands to the pumps, time.

Sheep Again, More Harvesting

Those sheep have got into the plot again, still carrying on with the harvesting in these crazy times.

Basket of Harvested Vegetables

Harvesting, Shop, Shredding & Sheep

As we move into autumn and harvests, thinking about things. Stihl GHE 105 works well, New book shop online and the worst garden pest.. Baa

Panic Buying!

Some thoughts on panic buying which seems to be the fashion again - not just the supermarkets but from the seed merchants as well.

Dig for Victory Being Printed

My new book, Dig for Victory: Monthly Growing Guides and Commentary, is being printed! Video and photo of it being produced from the printer.

New Composter, Shredders

I've a new compost bin to play with and a new shredder making its way to me.

Large Leeks

Leeks, Beans, Preserves

Some rather good leeks, yes we've a few preserves in the cupboard and the amazing ability of French beans to hide in plain sight!

Leeks Growing

Protected Growing

Some thoughts on experimental growing to improve results in exposed areas using protected growing. Windbreaks, polytunnels and net tunnels.

Honeycomb Tomatoes

A video on new varieties coming soon

I came across this interesting video from Burpee Europe the other day that I want to share. A peek at what's new and coming down the line for next year.

Tomatoes Vegetables

Tomatoes Galore, Snails Beans Weather

The weather isn't exactly seasonal, a plague of snails swamping us but tomatoes by the bucket load and French beans by the kilo.

Home Grown Project – Can You Help?

How self-sufficient are we? What contribution could own-growing make to our food supply? Help us find out.


Greenhouse Vents, Raised Beds to Bed

Lots going on outdoors and in the greenhouse. Finally got the autovents fitted and the carrot bed thinned.

Purple Peppers

Rotten Weather but a Lot Going On

An update on the plot plus some thoughts on the lockdown easing. Mystery purple peppers, all the second early potatoes harvested.

May 2024

What to do now on your plot!

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