Yearly Archives: 2020

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New Composter, Shredders

I've a new compost bin to play with and a new shredder making its way to me.

Large Leeks

Leeks, Beans, Preserves

Some rather good leeks, yes we've a few preserves in the cupboard and the amazing ability of French beans to hide in plain sight!

Leeks Growing

Protected Growing

Some thoughts on experimental growing to improve results in exposed areas using protected growing. Windbreaks, polytunnels and net tunnels.

Honeycomb Tomatoes

A video on new varieties coming soon

I came across this interesting video from Burpee Europe the other day that I want to share. A peek at what's new and coming down the line for next year.

Tomatoes Vegetables

Tomatoes Galore, Snails Beans Weather

The weather isn't exactly seasonal, a plague of snails swamping us but tomatoes by the bucket load and French beans by the kilo.

Home Grown Project – Can You Help?

How self-sufficient are we? What contribution could own-growing make to our food supply? Help us find out.


Greenhouse Vents, Raised Beds to Bed

Lots going on outdoors and in the greenhouse. Finally got the autovents fitted and the carrot bed thinned.

Purple Peppers

Rotten Weather but a Lot Going On

An update on the plot plus some thoughts on the lockdown easing. Mystery purple peppers, all the second early potatoes harvested.

Rowan Berries

The Hedgerow Harvest

Looking at a 1942 leaflet issued by the Ministry of Food called How to Make Use of the Hedgerow Harvest. The recipes look really good!

Strange Weather in Strange Times

Strange weather patterns but we're getting there in the garden and the store cupboards are filling fast.

Elephant Garlic

Super Harvest! Potatoes, Broad Beans, Garlic, Onions

Sunday was a sunny Goldilocks day, not too hot and not too cold. So a long day outside sorting the raised beds and harvesting. Rather pleased with the results.

Pear Surprise!

Lots of crops in, masses of currants and a lovely pear surprise that made my day.

Reinvigorating Your Soil

Is your soil is in poor condition – depleted nutrients and lack of humus? What to do to improve things and reinvigorate the soil.

Growing Leeks

Fighting the weather and slugs but at least the leeks are coming along nicely!

Hispi Cabbages

Winning and Losing

Winning on some things, losing on others. It was ever thus for the gardener. Nice cabbages!

Coping with Pandemic Effects on Food Supply

One of the effects of this pandemic that is sweeping the world is to disrupt our food production and distribution systems


Taking Stock of the Plots

Following the Dig for Victory guidance for June 1945, I'm taking stock of the plots.

Brassica Cage

New Brassica Cage

Building a new protective brassica cage for the walled vegetable garden.

Potatoes Sweetcorn Patch

Sun, Sweetcorn & Beans

Burned in the sun, planted out sweetcorn and starting the French and Runner Beans

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