Monthly Archives: January 2017

Inside Polytunnel

Path Finished, Polytunnel Ready to Plant

Some good weather has let us get cracking - the polytunnel is ready to plant and the path to it is finished. Getting ready for the poultry

clouds in a blue sky

Fantastic Weather for Lots of Jobs

Taking advantage of the weather to crack on with jobs ready for next year. New path half way there, polytunnel coming along and loads of other jobs

Heritage Welsh Fruit Trees

Planting Heritage Welsh Fruit Trees

Planting out heritage Welsh fruit trees along with elderberries and yet more rowans. The crab apples seem a little small, so a year of pampered pot growing.

Costa Beaches under Snow

Courgette Shortage

Courgettes have vanished from our supermarket shelves due to the unusual cold weather in southern Spain and Italy. But is this really such a bad thing?

Chitting Potatoes

Potato Chitting Time

The seed potatoes are here and laid out in seed trays in the potting shed to start chitting. With first earlies at least it gets them off to a flying start

Path Vegetable Garden

New path through the vegetable garden

Laying a new path using concrete slaps through the vegetable plot to the polytunnel. Less of a death trap than the slippy pieces of slate it replaces.

Manure Heap

Muck, Muck, Glorious Muck

A 2 tonne trailer load of rotted down sheep manure arrives - ready for next season's potatoes & brassica crops. A bit about gardening then and now.

Draft polytunnel layout

Planning the Polytunnel Interior & Progress

I've made a good start on getting the polytunnel into action. Roughly planned how it is going to be laid out inside and the main borders have been dug over.

Germinated Seeds

Germination Test Results, New Fence & Trees

Results from my seed germination testing - better than expected! New fencing to protect planting of a row of Rowan trees.

January 2017

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