Monthly Archives: January 2008

Raised Bed 3 Finished

Took advantage of the fine day and finished the third deep bed on the plot.

Online Diary Hacked

This online diary section has been hacked and I'm trying to fix things. Update on the diary situation which is looking a lot better now.

Ammonium Sulphamate Weed Killer Banned!

Ammonium sulphamate is a safe and effective herbicide which has been withdrawn from sale in the EU thanks to regulations that ignore common sense

Poultry Breeders & Suppliers List

Important new section on the Poultry Pages - I need your help to make it work!

Back on the plot

Another day on the allotment, harvesting leeks and brussels sprouts plus some benefits of raised beds in wet weather.

Power & Responsibility – Chickens & Supermarkets

I'm still ranting about poultry after Jamie's Fowl Dinners. But should we really blame the supermarkets?

Hugh’s Chicken Run

Hugh's TV series is finished but will the effect last? What I think now that it has finished.

The Scandal of Food Waste

Have you ever wondered how much of our food is wasted and who is to blame? Is it our fault or that of the supermarkets that dominate our food supply chain in the UK?

TV Programmes You Should Watch

Channel 4 are showing some TV programmes that will open your eyes to the cruelty of battery farming and encourage you to watch.

Survival Gardening

In the west, growing your own may no longer be a matter of survival for the individual but it could be a matter of survival of our people.

2008 Arrives, Plague Hits Us!

Dying of the plague and growing your own vegetables, frugal living and tips to cope with the credit crunch.

January 2008

What to do now on your plot!

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