Monthly Archives: July 2007

Horsetail and Tomatoes

Spraying the horsetail on plot 29 and the sun has started ripening the tomatoes at last.

August Growing and Bottling Fruit

New articles on the site about growing in August and bottling fruits to keep them for winter.

Blighted Potatoes, Blighted Tomatoes

Sorting out the potatoes in storage to try and stop the rot spreading and then trying to save my tomato crop.

New Loo, Stone Chippings and Tomato Blight Woes

We've a new toilet on the allotment and the dreaded tomato blight has struck in the large greenhouse.

Peas, Brassica, Comfrey and New People on the Allotment

Harvesting peas, weeding brassicas, cutting comfrey and new people on the site make me feel my age.

NVS Meeting, Slugs and Onions

NVS meeting on Saturday but not much I can do on the plot due to the weather, so a quiet weekend

Full Day on the Plot

A wonderful long day on the plot in the sunshine. Nearly caught up with things on the plot.

Potato Blight Strikes

We return from France to yet more rain and discover the blight has struck down my potatoes on plot 5

Actual Real Sunshine!

Real sunshine so a good session on the plot. Actually managed to plant out some leeks at last as well as French beans.

Stopping the Rot in Potatoes

The rain continues but we have to get creative about storing our potato harvest despite the efforts of the wood lice

History of Allotments in the UK

An article about the history of allotments and a short explanation of allotments probably more useful to those outside the UK

Potatoes and Blossom End Rot Tomatoes

Managed to get the rest of the early potatoes up. More a rescue than a harvest. Also, blossom end rot in tomatoes.

Potatoes, Beans and Giant Vegetables at the NVS

Bit more harvested on the plot and Richard Hope talking about growing giant vegetable at the NVS meeting

Coping with Climate Change

Some thoughts and an article on how gardeners can cope with the extremes of weather that climate change is causing.

Lawns, Potatoes and Broad Beans

Fun mowing wet lawns, fantastic potato crop and the broad beans are good as well. Picked in the rain, blanched and frozen two hours later.

Tomato Pollination Troubles

Still raining but a discussion on pollination problems with tomatoes might be of interest.

Water, Beans, Water and Tomatoes

Flooded plot kills climbing beans, sowing more dwarf beans and looking at the tomatoes.

More Rain, In the Greenhouse, Tomatoes and Tyres

Yet more rain but a bit of time in the greenhouse. Larry's prize tomato and I'm finally defeated by a tyre.

July 2007

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