Horsetail and Tomatoes

Dare I say that it looks like summer has arrived?  Down to the plot early evening where the water has nearly gone from the trenches on plot 5.

horsetail or marestail on plot 29The first task was to have a go at the horsetail on plot 29. I’d knocked it back pretty well last year but it only needs a little bit of surviving root  to come back. Because the weather was so bad it was happily spreading and plot 30 has a load of it as well. The chap who has plot 30 isn’t being quite as efficient as he once was so his weeds are becoming a problem to me.

I’m not moaning too much, people who live in glass houses shouldn’t throw stones, but I really don’t want horsetail all over the plot, again.

I’ve still got half a tub of Amicide (ammonium sulphamate) so I mixed it up and sprayed away. Since the horsetail is on the paths I’m not worried about re-planting which you can’t do for six weeks after using Amicide. I carefully mixed it according to the instructions, so maximum effectiveness and even managed to wash and sneak the scales back into the kitchen without being discovered!

tomatoes in large greenhouseThe sun has had a remarkable effect on the tomatoes in the greenhouse, they’re starting to ripen at last.  I ‘m hopeful we might get some crop despite the blight. The large San Marzano in the greenhouse is looking pretty sad, leaves just drying up and so forth. It’s got some fruit on but I’m fairly sure I’ll lose it before I get any ripe fruit off.

Made sure everything in the houses were well watered, now things are drying out I suppose I’ll need to water more. I did notice some small fruits on the peppers so they may well come through for me and even the aubergines has some flowers on.

It’s remarkable how a few days of sun makes everything look different and makes you feel positive about things.

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