Monthly Archives: May 2007

Brassicas Planted Under Pigeon Defence System

Finally got the brassicas planted safely under nets and earthed up the potatoes. The weatherman is warning of a possible frost.

In the Greenhouse

Rain doesn't stop play when you have a greehouse. Potting on the peppers and sowing beans and lettuce.

Smoke Free Safe Food

Smoke free restaurants have made many people happy and now the EU is going to help small cafes and restaurants by removing the burden of keeping the health inspector happy.

Yet More Compost!

Had to get yet more compost, I'd love to know where it all goes. Last tomatoes potted on and brassicas still not planted although some weeds got killed.

Preparing for Brassicas

Moved the brassicas to the plot, prepared the bed for them and fixed up a support for the upside down tomato grower

Time The Greens Grew Up About Energy

We're in a hole and it's getting deeper. But whatever we do somebody will object. It's time to take the medicine.

Seed Sowing in the Potting Shed

Didn't make it to the plot but did make it to the potting shed where I finally got quite a bit sown, if a little late

Digging and Weeding

5 hours on the plot but not much to show for it. Dug over the brassica bed on plot 5 and bit of weeding.

Tomatoes, Sweetcorn and Little Else

Setting up the greenhouse for the tomatoes, moving some tomatoes on and planting out the last of the sweetcorn

The Cult of Youth

We're being taken over by a cult of youth and I think it's crazy. Silver on top doesn't mean air between the ears.

Improving A Clay Soil

New article written for the site on improving clay soils written by Clodagh and Dick Handscombe for the site.

Back on the Plot, Planting Tomatoes

Managed to get a few hours on the plot today and planted some tomatoes in the greenhouse. Shock horror, the weeds are growing well.

Controlling Slugs with Nemaslug Nematodes

Nemaslug nematodes biological slug control offers an environmentally friendly method of killing the gardener's worst enemy.

Missing the Plot

After the drought comes the flood. How organic matter helps cope with both dry and wet spells of weather. Large onions planted out.

Organic Logic

The lack of logic about organic growing is one thing that drives me mad. I understand organic gardeners aims but some of their approches just don't make sense.

Controlling Whitefly with Parasitic Wasps Encarsia Formosa

Controlling whitefly biologically is not just environmentally friendly but is also more effective in a greenhouse situation.

Biological Slug, Snail & Pest Controls

With many pests, especially that evil creature the slug, biological controls are more effective than old fashioned chemical controls. Biological controls are again available from the allotment shop.

Dry Soil, Planting Onions & New Member of the Family

Planted more onions and watering continues to be taking up time on the plot. We've a new member of the family. He's not too happy about it yet but we hope he will settle in.

Onions, Water and NVS DVDs

Spending as much time watering as cultivating while the hot spell continues. Planting onions and the National Vegetable Society DVDs are now onilne

May 2007

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