Smoke Free Safe Food

The coming introduction of the smoking ban in public places has met with a mixed response but the justification is that it protects the non-smoker from the smoker’s waste product.

It’s not all new laws and regulations, so take heart. The EU wants to free small business from red tape and is proposing to scrap health and safety checks on premises that serve food with 10 or fewer employees.

I mean, it’s pretty tough at the moment if you want to run a café. You have to have training in food hygiene, store your food safely and keep the place clean. Terrible. All these rules to stop people from getting food poisoning or getting ill because someone mixed up the raw and cooked meats.

So I applaud the wonderful EU for this. Now you can go and enjoy a meal at lower cost because the restaurant doesn’t have the heavy burden of serving safe food happy in the knowledge that you won’t catch anything from some nasty smoker two tables away.

Are those currants or rat droppings? I don’t know, but it’s a smoke free zone.

Daft as it may sound, a lot of the objectors to this proposal are the owners of small restaurants and cafes. They are well aware that those who obey the rules and provide their customers with safe clean food will be tarred with the same brush as the bad elements who for lack of knowledge or just lack of care poison their customers.

Imagine a story where 200 or 300 people come down with bad food poisoning. Exposes in the newspapers about filthy small cafes, mice and rats running around etc. What’s going to be the result? It will drive the small cafes out of business as people go to the ‘safe’ large establishments.

Have no fear, the large burger chains all employ over 10 people so they are checked and safe. In fact, if I ran a branch of McDonalds I’d be rather happy if this law went through.

So, enjoy your smoke free food and know that your government has your best interests at heart. More masterful examples of joined up thinking.

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2 comments on “Smoke Free Safe Food
  1. philskin says:

    Hi I can,t help commenting on this smokers thing I am about to try for the 4th time to quit the dreaded weed but before I do can iI just ask one question, but 1st the government I believe make in revenue and taxes on smoking ie papers lighters smoking products tobacco cigarets etc about 30 million per month the government gives the nhs about 13 of this to spend on smoking related illness now here is the question if we all packed smoking in how much would your pint of milk loaf of bread etc be. The government would have to make up the shortfall in revenue and don,t think they will get it of lord lucan it would be put on the ordinary shopper you and me,so next time you see joe smoker in his little smoking shelter just think th-th-th-thats all folks

  2. John says:

    It’s a bit like bringing in 10 years minimum in prison for pickpockets but deciding to decriminalise burglary. Crazy.

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