Monthly Archives: August 2019

Compost Bins

Soilfixer 1,000 litre compost bin report

I'm trialling the Soilfixer 1,000 litre compost bin which is from the same person, Tony Callaghan, who invented the Hotbin

Sorting out Greenhouse

Great Weather – Greenhouse Sorting

Bending the recovery rules a bit by sorting out the greenhouse. The aubergine, De-leafing the tomatoes and fantastic chilli peppers.


Cataract Operation No. 2

I had my second cataract operation last Tuesday - fantastic result and even better than the first one I had done five years ago,

Runner Beans

Harvesting & Freezing beans, Old tools, Cataract Operation

Harvesting and storing beans from the ploytunnel. My new 62 year old secateurs and another cataract operation tomorrow.

Charlotte & Arran Pilot Potatoes

Rough Weather, Blight, Scab, Cool Compost

The weather is frightful, the spuds have blight and scab, the compost won't heat up and to cap it off the solar panel is bigger than expected. Chin up!

Mystery Weed Roots Zoom

Can You Help Identify These Mystery Roots?

I had this email from Tom asking for help identifying these roots growing in his plot. Any help welcome!

Polytunnel Ventilation Watering Control

Automated Polytunnel Ventilation & Watering

This system controls watering as well as ventilation / temperature in a polytunnel using a miniature computer and solar powered fans and pumps.

Windbreak Palisade Fence

The Great Wooden Wall of Wales!

The windbreak fencing is now up so I can build the greenhouse without fear of it blowing down.. again. How to build it.

Metaldehyde slug pellets ban reversed

In a surprise move, the High Court in London found in favour of Chiltern Farm Chemicals and reversed the ban imposed on metaldehyde slug pellets

August 2019

What to do now on your plot!

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