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Vitopod Propagators

Potting On, Salad Planter, Lights & Bustaseed

Tomatoes all potted on as are the brassicas, New salad planter set up. Some thoughts on lighting and my back is playing up.

Mrs. T. And Her Cabbage Patch

A poem from 1941 and a short film I'd like to share. I hope you enjoy it as I did.

Potatoes being planted in rows

Spuds and Strawberries

The weather is pretty fair for the time of year and I'm trying to make good use of it.

More Sowing, Update

It's been a busy week, so a quick catch-up as to where things stand. Clocks go forward tonight so an extra evening hour to play out!

Cabbage seedlings in tray

Sowing in the Potting Shed

Running behind but catching up now with sowing. Making best use of the propagators.

Preparation & Potato Planting

A productive spring weekend, soil preparation and a start on the potato planting.

Sheep, Spuds, Beans & Glass

It's been a slow start this year for me but we're moving ahead now. Sheep reappear in the field, must be spring!

Don’t Give Up! A plea to new growers.

People take up growing their own with great enthusiasm but give up in their second season. Now is not the time to give up.

Merry Tiller Rotavator

Merry Tiller Fighting Fit!

When I dropped the Merry Tiller into the shop to sort out, I thought it would be a quick, cheap fix. Oh well, like so many of my plans...

Soft Rushes - Juncus Effuses

Soft Rushes – Gardener’s Observations

Potentially an interesting research project for a student, this article discusses the benefits and problems mulching with soft rushes.

Merry Tiller – It Lives!

Got the wonderful Merry Tiller engine running again but other problems have put it in the repair shop

Storm Blown Fallen Tree

Tree in the Power Line

Saturday was rather dramatic here - a tree was blown over in the storm and snagged in the power lines that run across the field.

Spring is Near, Garlic, Shallots & Good News

As we enter what feels like the millionth year of lockdown, little things take on greater significance. How things are coming back to life

Too Cold! Planted Garlic – Not Sowing

It may be freezing cold now but a busy time beckons for the second part of February.


Moles, Mice and Strawberries

Molehills magically appear overnight, planting strawberries in hanging baskets and a pesky mouse causes trouble

Early Potato Planting, Garlic, Freedom

First potatoes planted starts the season, garlic leaping up and freedom is not far away for us.

Setting up the Greenhouse, Potting Garlic

Cleaning and maintaining the greenhouse before the season starts. Potting up garlic for a good and early start.

Potatoes Chitting

Seed Potatoes Arrive

My seed potatoes arrive. What I've had and why.

Selection of Vegetables

A little veg box

There are still some crops in the ground to harvest as required. This winter 'veg box' headed for my daughter.

April 2021

What to do now on your plot!

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