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Allotment Fund Raising

Fund raising is never easy for allotments but this shows a couple of great ideas that many could profitably copy.

Garlic, Mushrooms & Calabrese

The autumn weather isn't great but still managed to get a bit of time on the plots.

Raised Beds in Field

Raised Bed Revamp

Our wooden raised beds need revamping after 8 years service, I'm planning on using recycled plastic. Durable, Environmental.

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Last cucumbers, chilli peppers, beans, lost my apples!

After being so pleased to get some apples, they've vanished. Yet more beans as the dwarf French beans arrive.

Surprise Apples, Sweetcorn, Beans, Onion Storage, Fuel Shortage

A pleasant surprise with some apples, second sweetcorn harvest in, French beans finished, onion storage problems and utter idiocy.

Equinox, Food Security, Gene Editing

Bit of a ramble on the first day of autumn. Some thoughts on our food security and gene edited crops coming soon.

Squash and pumpkins curing on table

Spaghetti Squash, Pumpkins & Parsnips

You can't win them all but we've had some great results this year. I've never grown so many squash and the parsnips are set to be top notch.

Harrod Horticultural Discount Voucher Code

Harrod Horticultural are giving us an exclusive voucher discount code. Get 10% off at the checkout using Voucher Code JHTEN.

Autumn Approaches, Harvesting

Summer may have had a last gasp but autumn is near. Some photos and comments on the season so far as harvest continues.

Hotbin Composting

I really like our Hotbin Compostor, it sits quietly behind the house converting waste to healthy, plantfood.

Onions Drying Outside on Pallet

Watering, Onions, Raised Beds & Beans

Keeping busy, taking advantage of this very dry weather. Harvest continues, great onions and yet more beans.

Harvesting and Storing the Produce

Harvesting is in full swing now which means a lot of work to get crops stored away for winter.

Weather, blight, moulds & mustard?

The weather has really been against me. Day after day of cold damp drizzle with really high humidity. That's perfect for moulds.

Massed Molluscs Invade!

As it was getting dark I went out to make sure the hens were safely to bed. There were masses of snails on the paths!

Raised Beds and Crop Rotation Q & A

I had this question about raised beds and crop rotation  from a new allotment grower and and thought it worth sharing my reply.

Compost, Sweetcorn, Climbing Beans

My son-in-law, Gary, came over to give me a hand. This turned out to be a real blessing as the wind got up and became quite strong. The three bean teepees were about to be blown over. I think the

Climate Change

There's an old joke about a man who falls from the top of the Empire State building in New York that sums up our attitude to climate change.

Onions Drying on Rack

Potato Harvest Second Earlies Up!

Harvesting, storing the second early potato crop of British Queen and Epicure. Both varieties over 120 years old!

October 2021

What to do now on your plot!

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