Monthly Archives: November 2007

Vegetable Seed Shortage?

Trade rumours about possible seed shortage due to bad weather this summer.

Compost Bins & Electric Farce

Building the compost bins between the showers and the electricity pylon fiasco on the site.

Greenhouses & Cold Frames

A new section goes live on the web site devoted to greenhouses and coldframes.

Planting Garlic & Selfish People

Planted out the garlic and sadly discovered some people think free for all means grab the lot for your self.

New Vegetable Growing Guides

Major new section on the site - growing vegetable guides and hints from Henry

Fertilisers & Manures

A new section about fertilisers and manures on the site - 8 pages in all

Protecting the Allotment – Help Someone!

Providing some advice and basic vegetable growing knowledge to someone might just help protect your plot in the future.

Back on my Allotment

Back down to the allotment where rebuilding the compost heap continues in brilliant sunshine for a bit.

Vegetable Growing Month by Month & the NVS

My book has gone to the publisher and a really interesting night at the NVS about fertilisers.

Brussels Sprouts & Compost Bins

Sorting a Brussel sprout problem, continuing with the compost heap building and leaves on site.

My Cauliflower & Me

To dispell the cruel allegation that I cannot grow cauliflowers - here is the proof I can.

November 2007

What to do now on your plot!

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