Yearly Archives: 2012

Lanzarote – Growing in the Wind

Our holiday in Lanzarote gave us some good ideas for coping with windy conditions

Last Post for A While

Last post as we're taking a holiday - first for 3 years - in the sun

Flooding in Rhostryfan

Tempest and Flood

A quick trip to France via 'Down the Lane' returning to storm and flood.

Chainsaw Protective Dungarees

Welsh Chainsaw Massacre

Making sure I don't end up in hospital even if I look daft in my fetching green and orange chainsaw protective gear. Plus a moan about being warned too much about safety.

Clearing the New Plot

Clearing the walled garden and developing an inferiority complex after meeting a ram!

Changing Plans

Sheep, the land girls of Fron Dirion, come to my rescue clearing long grass away

Late Potato Blight is Your Fault

Commercial growers trying to blame home growers for blight - patently ridiculous!

Sarpo Potatoes Success

Sarpo blight resistant potatoes give us a maincrop, runner beans not too bad and the leeks are catching up

A Perfect Day

Saturday was well nigh perfect. The sun shone and the sky was an electric blue with wispy white clouds.

Can Growing Your Own Save Money?

A visit to the shops leaves me shaken at the prices demanded for fresh fruit and veg.

Win some and lose some

New compost bins going up but the dratted caterpillars have eaten my brassicas.

What Can You Grow on Your Allotment?

What can you grow on your allotment and what not? It all depends on the rules.

Why Grow Your Own?

Best tasting cucumber and masses of slugs like a horror film, advancing on the crops

Garlic, Potatoes, Leeks and Slugs

Had a few days of summer for a change so I declared a holiday and got outside and played on the plot

Bit rough but plodding on

I'm ill but worse than that, the potatoes have blight! Even struck in the greenhouse, tomatoes have blight too.

Greenhouse Success

Hoping to miss the potato blight, some real success stories in the greenhouse

Dodging the Raindrops

A busy week on the plot, between the rain managed to get a lot done

June 2024

What to do now on your plot!

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