Monthly Archives: February 2018

Microgreen Mixed Salad Leaves

Germination, Microgreens & Broad Beans

I've grown some microgreens from seeds with a sow by date of 2011 which is pretty amazing. You never know for sure with seeds. Broad beans - from sowing to seedling in just 3 days, which was a surprise to me.

Charity Volunteers Barclays

Gardening Hope for the Homeless

Northampton Charity - Hope are using gardening to help people lift themselves out of poverty and homelessness. Robin Burgess of Hope explains their work and aims.

Hispi Transplanted into Pots

Sowing – Changes to Plan

Sowing and planting started now. Some changes to the plan on second thoughts. Plans are a useful frame but don't get tied up by them.

Greenhouse in the Snow

Snow Surprise

Tuesday was supposed to have heavy rain but forecasts mean nothing to the weather gods who decided to dump a load of snow on us.

Clean Tidy Greenhouse

In the Potting Shed, Broad Beans, Setting up the Greenhouse

Spending time in the shed whilst the weather is wild, greenhouse ready for action and starting off broad beans in pots inside the propagator.

Snow Greenhouse

Cleaning the Greenhouse, Snow, Parsnip Sowing

Getting the greenhouse ready for the new season despite the freezing weather. The snow arrives, goes away and then sneaks back in the night. A new article on getting parsnips to germinate.

Planning Calendar

Sowing Plan for February 2018

My seed sowing plan for February 2018. A detailed plan of what to sow, how it is being sown and which week I plan on sowing.

February 2018

What to do now on your plot!

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