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Cleaning the Greenhouse, Snow, Parsnip Sowing

Cleaning the Greenhouse

Sunday was lovely, cold but bright sunshine. I’d just finished cleaning out the chickens and was walking back to the house for cuppa when I looked at the greenhouse. There was green algae growing on the glass and it looked awful.

Snow Greenhouse

The greenhouse, all shiny and clean under the snow

Well I thought it through, pretty soon the greenhouse will be full of plants and there’s no way I’ll get round to cleaning it then. So, after a cuppa, fill a bucket with warm water and Jeye’s fluid, get the jet wash out and buckle down to a job I’ve been putting off for far too long.

First though, a tidy-up and empty pots etc. that I meant to do last year. That’s only a month ago, remember. Jet washed all the trays, pots etc. Then washed them over with the Jeye’s mix and jet wash rinsed them.

Finally a start on the glass. Got all the outside done and three quarters of the inside before the light really faded and the temperature fell.

Monday was supposed to be sunny but it actually was overcast and cold. It always feels so much warmer when the sun is shining whatever the thermometer might say. Anyway, out in the afternoon to finish off the glass cleaning. I must be mad, splashing water about when it’s hardly above freezing out.

One little accident though. I was wiping off the roof glass when the sponge dripped right into my eye. This is water with Jeye’s fluid in it – so ran in and washed my eye out. I must have been fast, it hardly stung.

The greenhouse is now spick-and-span, tidy as can be and ready for the new season to begin.

Snow Arrives .. and Melts Away

So Tuesday greeted me with snow on the ground and my shiny clean greenhouse. It seemed a good day to stay indoors and get some work done. By the afternoon the snow had nearly melted away and I thought I might get some preparation done in the polytunnel on Wednesday.

Surprise Snow

Wednesday dawned with a surprise – another blanket of snow, thicker than Tuesday’s. This was not to plan! So another day mainly spent in front of the computer, in the warm.

Parsnip Sowing

On Tuesday I’d sent out my newsletter where I’d mentioned the germination problems with parsnips. Happily I had a number of readers send me their methods of getting them to germinate.

Well I decided to share these and my own knowledge so have written an in-depth article on germinating parsnips as an addition to the article on how to grow parsnips already on the site. Hope it helps people.

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