Monthly Archives: June 2018

Sunset Over Sea

Happy Summer Solstice

Just wishing you a happy summer solstice and reflecting on the mystery of life which is to be found even on the veg plot.

Inside Greenhouse

Greenhouse Tomatoes Aubergines Doing Really Well

The greenhouse is doing rather well this year, even if I do say it myself. The tomatoes are sturdy and a very healthy deep green. There's a load of fruits developing and some of the Ailsa Craig and Black Russian fruits are a reasonable size already.

Hanging Basket Strawberries

Back in Action After the Storm

Post storm repairs and reconstruction. Brassicas planted out after the cage was rebuilt. Tasty calabrese and strawberries doing really well in hanging baskets.

Flying Polytunnel

Storm Damage – Mini Polytunnel Destroyed

I thought we'd escaped damage with storm Hector until I went up to the vegetable garden and saw just what the power of the wind can do.

Inside Shaded Greenhouse

Greenhouse Shading, Netting Currants, Figo Cane Connectors

The greenhouse is shaded to protect the plants from scorching sun, the redcurrants are netted to stop the birds eating them and the best cane connector from Figo

Redcurrant Without Leaves

Pests & Problems, Homeguard Potatoes

Not everything goes smoothly. The caterpillar swarm has attacked the redcurrants, a homeguard potato was killed in action and even the Merry Tiller has needed attention.

Pricking Out Brassicas

Propagation – Sowing to Pricking Out

Making better use of space when propagating using the heated propagators and the process of pricking out the seedlings to transplant into pots and modules to grow on.

Potatoes Path

Challenging Weather, New Bed Finished, Potatoes

Challenging weather isn't helping on the plot but I've a new bed ready and the potato patch is organised and mulched. The path is refilled with clippings too.

June 2018

What to do now on your plot!

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