Monthly Archives: September 2005

Merry Tiller Problem

Merry Tiller troubles and crazy kamikaze motor bike riders.

Layer Cake Compost Heap

Rebuilding compost heaps, pumpkin hiding place revealed and potato sorting.

A Great Potato Harvest

Potatoes coming out of our ears! A really great potato harvest

Harvesting Sarpo Mira Potatoes

Comparing Potato Cultivars Sarpo Mira and Valor

Potato harvest finally takes off and they're great! Comparing Sarpo Mira and Valor for blight resistance, slug resistance, yield, taste and keeping qualities.

Carrying on the Potato Harvest

Weekend weather didn't live up to promise and even had to work but managed to get a few hours to carry on the potato harvest

Increasing Allotment Security

Tree surgery to increase allotment security, weather protection and starting to harvest the maincrop potatoes.

Storing the Surplus with Tomato Recipes

Poured with rain so decided to try out Allotment Lady's recipe. Not good but brilliant!

Allotment Thief and Harvesting Squash, Carrots and Turnips

Thief on the site. Stolen some tomatoes and marrows. Harvested the rest of the sunburst yellow squash, bag of carrots and turnips

Slugs Eating Tomatoes

Tomatoes and those slugs. From large brown ones with a red frill around the edge to tiny black ones all slugs seem to have one aim. To eat my tomatoes!

Large Pumpkin

Giant Pumpkin, Drying Onions, Blanching and Freezing

Another new person and an unusual pumpkin problem - its too big to get out. Blanching sweetcorn prior to freezing.

Converting Garden Waste into Useful Compost

Quick delivery trip to the compost bins converting garden waste to something useful and harvesting the last of the sweetcorn

Controlling Marestail or Horsetail Weed

Marestail or Horsetail, I don't care I'll kill it! Controlling this weed is never easy but Amicide does work even if it needs two applications

September 2005

What to do now on your plot!

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