More Tomatoes and More on Allotment Vandals

More Tomatoes

The season is winding down fast and don’t the slugs know it. They seem determined to stock up on my tomatoes. I, on the other hand, would prefer them to ripen without holes in.

So I harvested many that are nearly ripe to allow them to finish off without slugs at home. By keeping them with a ripe banana they will ripen pretty quickly, It’s the ethelyne gas given off by the banana that promotes ripening, I believe.

I then cut off as much excess foliage from the tomato plants as I could. Bush tomatoes are different to cordon types but I think this will allow more air and sun around the green tomatoes that are left to help them ripen on the plants.

They’re predicting some very cool nights by the weekend, so maybe a fleece blanket for them. 

Another carrier bag full came home – and a sort out and cooking session is next on the agenda.

More on the thief.

My marrows are in the undergrowth to the side of the entrance gate, broken apart. On the other side lies one of Tony M’s pumpkins, split apart. I now think this was an outside job rather than one of us, which is really good news. Will discuss replacing the barbed wire on the fence with Lawrence. He may not be keen on connecting it up to the high voltage power lines that cross the site but it seems fitting to me.

Careful what you say…

Had a chat with our latest plotholder, who was the only other person on the site. He mentioned my diary and had picked up the reference to him – here – so a reminder that I need to be polite! He’s making a good start on his new plot, which has a water problem. Digging trenches to drain it away. I’m sure that when he has finished the trenches and dug his plot over, breaking up the clay pan that underlies the topsoil, it will solve the water problem and he will have a productive plot.

He has some really good ideas and is keen on us providing disabled access to the site and plots. Some good food for thought in there but I’m a little pre-occupied with security at the moment.

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