A Great Potato Harvest

Potatoes coming out of our ears!

The day started grey and damp, which was disappointing but it brightened up and we had a beautiful afternoon.

Clever of me to have a dental appointment this afternoon – not!

Dropped onto the site around midday and dug up some more potatoes. About 6 full carrier bags.

Back at the ranch, Val has started sorting out yesterday’s harvest.. This involves spreading an old shower curtain on the lawn and emptying the bag onto it.

Under her eagle eyes, some are put onto the compost pile, some into the use now, some into the ‘should store for a while’ ? these usually have small slug holes or damage and the perfects that will store through to the next crop, hopefully.

We have a number of Hessian sacks, which are ideal for potatoes. They allow them to breathe so excess moisture gets away and mould does not grow.


One thing that struck me today is that we make far better use of our produce than the farmer is allowed to by economics. According to a recent TV program, organic farmers have over 40% of their crop rejected by the supermarkets, Not in the size range, blemished etc. Our wastage is less than 10%.

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