Allotment Growing Photo History

A photographic history of 7 of our 8 years growing on allotments in Crewe, Cheshire along with some photographs of our garden and some I just thought you'd like to see! It's quite interesting to compare year against year.

We've moved now to a windy hillside in North Wales and are starting a new veg plot from scratch. More information here: Our Smallholding

You can follow our adventures here in our allotment diary

Random Allotment Photos
from the Gallery

Stocking up the supplies
April 2006

French Allotment 2
August 2010

New Pressure Sprayer and Roundup
October 2007

Garlic in  the coldframe
March 2006

Onions Drying in the Small Greenhouse
August 2007

Greenhouse Construction
May 2006

Purple Tipi French Beans
September 2009

Rebuilding the Compost Heaps on Plot 5
November 2007



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From the Allotment Diaries

Too Wet to Work, Let there be Light!

Well I’ve not posted for a while because not a lot of gardening has been going on. The last part of November was pretty wet to say the least. December isn’t being much better – as I write we’ve got

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Wonderful Woodchips & Pallets & Leeks

Our neighbours have a contact who gives them loads of old pallets. So they drop us a load occasionally when they’ve more than they can use. These mostly get cut up and keep us warm burning in the wood stove.

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Gardening in the Gales

I’ve not posted for a while – things do tend to slow down at this time of year. It’s not so much that there is not a lot to do. It’s the blasted weather stopping us getting out there. I

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