Allotment Growing Photo History

A photographic history of 7 of our 8 years growing on allotments in Crewe, Cheshire along with some photographs of our garden and some I just thought you'd like to see! It's quite interesting to compare year against year.

We've moved now to a windy hillside in North Wales and are starting a new veg plot from scratch. More information here: Our Smallholding

You can follow our adventures here in our allotment diary

Random Allotment Photos
from the Gallery

Glastonbury Pete Flies the Flag
June 2007

Wild potatoes!
May 2010

Daikon (Japanese Radish)
July 2005

Comfrey Patch and Me!
June 2006

NVS Evening - Carrots and Parsnips
June 2008

Second Pumpkin
September 2005

Top of Plot 5
October 2005

Emptying the Compost
February 2007



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From the Allotment Diaries

Growing Undercover

For most people a greenhouse or a polytunnel are a great bonus. They really help the grower but they’re not necessary. Growing where I do, with high winds and rain causing wind chill along with our 200m altitude and exposed

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Things go a bit wrong

I wish I was one of those TV gardeners. Drop the seed in the hole, stand back and cut to a magnificent plant. Unfortunately I’m just human and things go wrong. Plans look great on paper and then the weather

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Sowing Peas Indoors A New Method

Being as we’re having such a cold spring, I thought I’d get my peas started inside. Generally I’ve just sown direct but this year they’ll be very slow to get going outside. I’ve used the length of guttering method before

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