Allotment Growing Photo History

A photographic history of 7 of our 8 years growing on allotments in Crewe, Cheshire along with some photographs of our garden and some I just thought you'd like to see! It's quite interesting to compare year against year.

We've moved now to a windy hillside in North Wales and are starting a new veg plot from scratch. More information here: Our Smallholding

You can follow our adventures here in our allotment diary

Random Allotment Photos
from the Gallery

Plot 5 - from the middle towards the compost heaps
August 2004

Judging the Allotment Competition
June 2008

Plot 29 - Compost Bin
April 2004

Peas and Beans on Plot 29
April 2007

Clipstone Allotments Visit - Ducks and Hens
April 2008

Tomato Blight Close Up
August 2010

Onions Doing Well
July 2007

Parsnips and Carrots
September 2008



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From the Allotment Diaries

What is even better than a Vitopod?

As you probably know, I think the Vitopod is about the best propagator you can get. It’s a masterpiece of British design, versatile and durable. You can use it for germination, bringing on seedlings and over-wintering tender plants. Accurate temperature

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Playing & Polytunnel

Well Good Friday was anything but good in terms of the weather. It was cold, raining and at times we were in the clouds. A thoroughly miserable day. Down the hill I watched as some brave soul climbed a large

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Progress on the Plot

Some beautiful weather has given me the chance to get a lot done outside. There is a problem with weather this good though – it’s easy to forget it’s early spring and not midsummer. Daytime 18 degrees with bright sunshine

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