Yearly Archives: 2017

Solstice Greetings!

Just a little burble as we get ready for our holiday break!

Sunshine After Rain

Too Wet to Work, Let there be Light!

The last part of November was pretty wet to say the least. December isn't being much better but I've finally got decent light in the shed

Woodchip Pile

Wonderful Woodchips & Pallets & Leeks

Another load of woodchips and how I use them. Burning pallets, fishing out nails. Leeks - progress report and mulching. A comfrey conundrum.

Leeks in Raised Bed

Gardening in the Gales

It's not that there is a lack of job, it's a lack of time when the weather isn't horrible. Sadly I can't garden in the gales, easily.

Potatoes Dead in Polytunnel

Disaster in the Polytunnel

You have to be an optimist to garden or farm. We pop seeds in the ground and hope they'll germinate. Sometimes we win but not always and today I lost.

Siberian Peashrub

Siberian Pea Tree (Siberian Peashrub) – Caragana arborescens

I've just bought some Siberian Pea Tree (Siberian Peashrub) - Caragana arborescens seeds to grow as a productive, nitrogen-fixing windbreak hedge.

Mushroom Growing

Growing Mushrooms

I've found a brilliant book on mushroom growing that tells you all you need to know. From home growing to actually building a small scale mushroom business.

Christmas Potatoes Earthing Up

Still Wet, Autumn, Christmas Potatoes

The trees are losing their leaves as autumn progresses. In the polytunnel things are moving along well. Christmas potatoes looking good for earthing up.

tomato row in glasshouse

Tomato Tip – Future of Food

A great tip for handling your tomatoes at the end of the season and some thoughts on the future of agriculture and food which is coming quickly.

Globe Artichokes

Globe Artichokes & Wet Weather

The weather continues to be variable but I can always play in the polytunnel. Thinking about what to grow next year - globe artichokes are possible.

Onions Drying in Polytunnle

Keeping Undercover

Keeping undercover with the poor weather - 3 shocks in the polytunnel, planting out winter crops as the summer closes.

Black Beauty Aubergine

Autumn Arriving, Filling the Larder

Reviewing the autumn harvest so far and how to cope with the surplus produce. Especially crops like cucumbers that are difficult to store for later use.

Tomato Blight

What to do if Tomato Blight Hits!

If tomato blight hits you need to act immediately to save your crop. Here are 17 recipes to to use up those ripe and green tomatoes quickly.

Harvesting Potatoes

Harvesting Potatoes & Blight

Started harvesting potatoes and yet another moan about the lack of chemical controls legally available to the average gardener

Compost Bins

Composting with Comfrey

I took a cut off the comfrey some of which was used as the activator in a new compost heap and a cheap new gadget that helps make compost.

Sweetcorn Cobs

Harvesting the Polytunnel

A quick report on my polytunnel harvest which is going well. From carrots to sweetcorn, the tunnel is so productive.

Onions Close Up

Catching Up – Around the Plots

My last post about potato blight turned into an article rather than a diary entry so I didn't even touch on the rest of the plots This is the catch-up post!

Potato Blight on Leaves

Control for Potato Blight

We've got potato blight but have nothing to fight it with. legally, at least. Lack of chemicals for home growers creates a black market.

Ailsa Craig Tomatoes

Victim of Success

Our efforts to improve the local environment and increase bio-diversity are beginning to show results but with some unexpected consequenses

Sweetcorn Tassels Turning Brown

Back to Positive

When things go wrong, just get back on the horse and carry on. Harvest starting to come in thick and fast

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What to do now on your plot!

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