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Solstice Greetings!

Snowdonia at Night – It’s not often like this but when it is… Photo By Joshua Earle

Today is the shortest day so from now until June 21st the days will be getting longer again. I’ve always felt it would be better if the year actually started today as it would be aligned with the seasons better. Oh well, what’s 10 days amongst friends?

Surprisingly by New Year’s Day the day will already be 10 minutes longer. By the vernal equinox on March 20th day and night will be equal length and with luck there will be loads of solar energy (sunshine) powering up our seedlings. There’s an article on the site about daylength.

It’s been somewhat quiet on the gardening front what with the weather and work. I’ve still got jobs to do outside but cold, damp and drizzle doesn’t make me want to rush outside – or even into the polytunnel or shed.

Work is another thing. The number of times I think I’ll just do one job and then head outside only to realise it’s 3 o’clock already. Or, as happened with the software upgrade to our help forums, start something late when the site is quiet, only to crawl into bed at 3 in the morning. Then I end up spending the day like a zombie.

There was a time when I could go to bed with the dawn and still do a good day’s work but that was a few years ago. I think retirement is starting to look attractive. Just 1,218 days to go.

Right, we’re closing down for our Christmas holiday now so all that remains is for me to wish all my readers, my online friends –

A Very Merry Christmas
A Happy New Year

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One comment on “Solstice Greetings!
  1. Duncan Robinson says:

    Hi John, Merry Christmas and a Happy 2018. I sowed some ‘Rose de Roscoff’ onion seeds in a large pot in one of the unheated allotment greenhouses today, so hopefully with this mild spell of weather, they will germinate soon; it says a temperature of 10 to 12 degrees for the ideal germination temperature. I tried this variety from sets last year and was impressed by it’s keeping qualities, they are a white onion with a slight pink tinge, from Brittany originally. I put them on a shelf in the best light near to the glass. Duncan.

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