Yearly Archives: 2011

Merry Christmas

Christmas greetings and thoughts - with a funny video!

Internet Blues

Moaning about our internet connection woes.

Supermarket Shenanigans

Supermarkets at it again, hopping on one leg and shredding the brushwood.

Herbicides & Pesticides

Some thoughts on the subject of being given a bottle of weed killer or pesticide by a farming friend

Storms & New Cats

Getting the shredder working and our new cat has a problem

Building the Woodpile

Moved the wood into a pile which took longer than planned. Sad find in the field.

Splitting Rhubarb – Q&A

How to split old rhubarb plants and get invigorated new plants for free.

Sycamore Tree Trimmed

End of the lime & fertiliser experiment

Final results of my trial plot comparing lime and fertiliser as winter starts to close in

Sunshine, Frost & Dark Early

Sunny days but frosty nights, visitors to Fron Dirion, logging and getting dark too early

Carrots Grown in Barrels

Today was absolutely lovely. A bright blue sky with fluffy white clouds scudding across. The only sounds, apart from the birds calling and the occasional bleat of the sheep over the rustling of the breeze in the trees, were that

Free Fuel from Tree Surgery

Look at getting the trees and hedges back in order which gives us some free fuel at least.

Q&A Caterpillar Control & Propagating Leeks & Onions

More questions and answers, this time brassica eating bugs and how to select seed and breed leeks and onions

Insulating to Reduce Energy Bills

Trying to keep warm for less money by installing extra loft insulation

Allotments in the Community

An example of how allotments can benefit the community and why rents should be kept low.

Greenhouse Base & New on Site

Greenhouse base basically finished and some new articles on the site for you.

Q&A, Winter Vegetables, Chestnuts, Shallots

More questions and answers. What to do for winter vegetables, how to store chestnuts, grow and store shallots and saving runner bean seed.

Q&A Mildew, Earwigs, Alternatives to Lime

Mildew on plants in the coldframe, earwig infestations and alternatives to lime discussed.

June 2024

What to do now on your plot!

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