Monthly Archives: April 2006

Allotment Website and The Poultry Pages

The weather failed to be quite as promised by the weather man so I spent the day working. Some thoughts on running this website and the ethics of the internet.

Moving Brassicas and Potatoes Showing

Moving the brassicas, which was an exercise in logistics to the plot and constructing defences against the number one enemy of brassicas, the pigeon.

Compost Making, Arran Pilot Potatoes Showing

Missing fence post mystery and making a small start on erecting the greenhouse followed by moving the compost out of the bin then back into the bin. But there is a reason for the apparent madness, Plus the potatoes showing their foliage to the world.

Broad Beans, French Beans, Runner Beans and Compost

Sowing beans, clearing green manure and weeds and sowing spring onions. And what was living in the compost bin?

Strawberry Bed, Sowing Spring Onions and Preparing the Carrot Bed

Clearing and weeding the strawberry bed, sowing spring onions and preparing the carrot bed, which was harder work than I bargained for.

Potting on Tomatoes and Planting Onions

Potting on tomatoes then planting onions is a novel solution to work problems - but it works! Just me and the birds on the plot.

Planting Sarpo Potatoes and Comfrey Showing

Planting rest of the potatoes and judging how far behind the season is this year from the comfrey,

April 2006

What to do now on your plot!

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