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Tomato Problems Blossom End Rot and Brassicas

In The Greenhouse

I took a look at my poorly tomatoes. I think the problem is the new compost I tried held water more than my usual type and they’re suffering. I”ve been told that even if they recover their calcium balance is thrown out and I may have blossom end rot in the fruit.

I?ve sown back up plants in case these don?t make a recovery.

Potting On the Brassicas

It?s not all trouble, even though things are well behind this year. The brassicas are doing really well and I think it?s the extra lime I add to their compost.

This was a tip I picked up at the NVS meeting –  give your brassicas a lot of lime. It certainly seems to be working.

The photo is me mixing ordinary multi-purpose compost with lime to up the pH. I put about 2″ of compost in my potting tray and then dust it with lime, prior to mixing it thoroughly. You don’t want to add too much lime in case it burns the roots.

Incidentally, this is not hydrated lime, it’s ground limestone, which is not harsh and holds longer.

The roots of the brassicas are just about at the bottom of the 3? pots so into 6? pots they go. Their next step will be the allotment.

New articles

I added a couple of articles to the site today. One on potato blight and one on what potato to use for roasting or chipping etc. Hope someone finds them useful.

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